new prototype + Updates


Hello all,now since an new drone has released,you alredy know it probably,short ranger.This drone is dominating SM right now,i would love to say that it’s okay,but saying that this drone is goddamn overpowerd,damn.

Soo why the hell not make my own version.Introducing…


Now you may ask ‘‘what the hell yoyo? What kind of name is that’’,please don’t ask…just naming something with my head.
Ah yes,now this thing is going to be overpowerd in hell if i’m finished with max and mything all of those.
Now what’s in that ulty? I wonder. What do you think? It’s an short damn ranger…why am i doing this? Just to have fun of course.Now as you can see,the problem is that i haven’t even legy’d him yet,kinda awfull i know,i won’t use piska in battle right now. Oh and yes,indeed it has charge,tele and an L-M hook.Now am i going to use it forever? I have no idea,i might return my cho cho chinese train back if i’m bored with piska.Who’s choo choo chinese train?My Phys right now,you probably know it.If you don’t,then here:

Chinese Train

Now let me tell you what kind of items piska has.You can ignore it if you want.

Troso: Archimode
Leg: Claw
Wepons: 2 Nightfalls,Mighty Cannon,BackBreaker.
Drone: ShortRanger
Ultys: Charge,Plat hook,Tele.
Mods: 1 MIGHTY Plat Plating,3 energy engines,2 heat engines,2 mass coolers.

If you really don’t like shortranger and that i’m using it,please don’t blame me but TS,thank.
That’s all i had to say about this beauty,why am i trying to make it balanced? I have no idea.
Also this topic will be an update topic and will have some situation with my paska,will be an great journey.

Have an nice day.


welcome piska i’m uncle modemer :sweat_smile::joy:
hope that u will help @The_Yo_Yo_Man more than his last phys


Oh… Blyat. This new war machine gonna bring fear and destrutive essence into arena. Cannot wait until battle that think. Good job son, looks like u made a very good phys there. And good luck in arena.

PS to piska: Ur blyatifull


First build is exellent with shorty. Way to go mate.


Nice name for it, very nice :joy: (but yellow color have something another :slightly_smiling_face:)


Nice comment cyka,slav approves lol.
P.S you made my piska cried of happines lmao.
He’s proud of himself.

Thanks Gorgy,i mean it might besecond one,but yeah i’ll just take this one as first lol.

Ah,i mean,Piska will stay yellow or golden what’s soo ever for a while,i’ll might try to max em.
But from now on,i need to myth all his stuffs.

Oh thank you by the way my friend :))


Heh more premiums then my ego…
Wait what? No I didn’t repeat the samething
What are you talking about.
My ego is not as small as this text no not at all.

Besides that great mech. Seems like a good all around balanced mech.


Thank you.
And heh…5 prems items on this thing,yes,indeed.


Didn’t we had a talk about this mech and I pointed why it wouldn’t survive in the arena? Lol


Why is the top NF so far back?


Lol,we did…give me some time alredy…i’ll make em better soon.


Because it’s an epic one…i didn’t legy it alredy.
You really think that i should use this build now? Nah,untill finishing mything this thing.


I didn’t know epic nightfalls were that short.

Seems like a solid build, you should use it.


Yes, epic version looks liek a little toy :joy:


Of course i will…as i said earlier,why the hell not?


What are your other mechs?


Not made to combat energy right? two shots of MB OR HYSTERIA and your regen won’t keep up :joy:


Good rounded build :+1:


Can u write shorter ?


No, it should be: can you write longer?