Introducing Mass Select and More!


Oi oi oi I called it a month ago:


Sooooo, What does the red broom icon do?
Afraid to click it…
Does it Deselect everything so you can select what you want?
Why does it refresh to a Default of nearly your entire inventory is selected???
Why not just leave the last parameters used?

Sooooo, What does the red broom icon do?
Thanks Anyone.


Yes, it unselects everything


I like it rough


Is that true, boxes are nerfed, and tacticsoft sell once more an update as “good”, with hidden nerfs :question:


they wouldn’t be earning money then. which is what their main focus is with all these nerfs. get people to buy more.


Think back to all the other updates. Where they either added something major/minor or fixed some shit.

They’ve all had their hidden nerfs to something. If it wasn’t garbage cards 90% of the time, it was no boxes 40% of the time, if it wasn’t that, it was less BB’s, if not that. it was BB’s with high common/rare chances.

What I’m saying is, they hide nerfs with each “good” update. This one for instance nerf’s Silver boxes to shit, 70-80% of the boxes I open now are commons or commons with ONE rare. I used to be able to open boxes in a row and get 3 rare each or an epic once and a while. Now I rarely get epics, and NOW RARES are rare.

I stand behind what I said previously. Tacticsoft continues to just ■■■■ us ass raw each and every update. I really hate complaining, but when you’re so obviously fucking your community up. It really begs the question, why?

Why are you hurting your community?

To Gain more money? Not this, Tacticsoft apparently hates making money with their choices.

To Gain more players? Nope, they’re losing many a day.

To spend more time here? Nah.

I honestly don’t get it. These choices literally put the game I previously left for this one, to shame. And trust me, that other one was hard to beat.

@bestplayerintheworld I’m ranting, but in my honest opinion, yes, they are selling us shit updates with hidden nerfs.


I see your valid arguments and of course I noticed and know it since long time, what they do with the “updates” :exclamation:

Thats a main question I have now for years …

  • with all the “updates” / nerfing they get less and less players

  • players stop to spend real money, because it is more fun to throw it out of the window

Whoever is the money-manager from tacticsoft …

@michael @Mohadib @Sarah247 @jonny

your game-(money)-management leads in the absolute wrong direction :exclamation:

This last weekend (:exclamation:) we had sometimes only 200 players online :exclamation:

I know from weekends years ago, with 1000 - 2000 players online :exclamation:


Doesn’t that say all :question:

P.S.: numbers don’t lie :exclamation:


I’ve honestly, NEVER seen this game with a 1000+ people. Usually at best 400-500 and that’s on peak days. Nights like right now, there’s around 160+ people on.

I honestly wonder, if they had a different system set up, would there be more people playing and therefore more willing to spend more money on it.

I get that some people will say that tacticsoft just wants people to invest time in the game and not be outright OP off the bat. But you can’t even do that due to how terrible drops and RNG is.

The mindset these guys have is troubling and really, it’s running their prized game into the ground.


I like the new update but…I feel like I’m only getting common items…I used to get lot and lots of epics and rares before the update


Yep, silver boxes nerfed to shit. Even farm drops are nerfed to shit! Even paid for boxes are full of purple poop and the occasional yellow piss.


I spent money this weekend on 6500 tokens for 1 good item. Yes, 1. That’s THE LAST MONEY I WILL EVER SPEND on this game until these greedy f***s get their act together. Seriously, this game is DYING FAST. There are close to no players in 1v1.

Do you expect us to buy tokens to farm all day, or maybe upgrade our items to model our mechs in the stage?!!

What’s the point in having bad ass mechs if there’s no one to fight??? I was rotated the same 3 players for over an hour last night in R1. It’s just PATHETIC!

The game is great, it’s just your business strategy and greed that sucks!

FFS, start listening to this community. We know more about the game environment than you, we are the players.

Otherwise, just sell this game to us and we will crowdsource the capital to buy it. Rather that than you running it into the ground and ending up bankrupt.


@Sarah247 @Mohadib


Of course.
It might be cheaper,but it seems that they nerfed the boxes,once again…


the new feature looks gay, seriously.


As tempting as this is:

…my previous statement stands. I WILL NOT SPEND ANY MORE MONEY ON THIS GAME until there are at least 500 players in arena when I enter, and when boxes are appropriately giving L-M items.

Again, fought the same player over and over. Same energy skrink I fought last night over and over. Sorry but this game has officially DIED!

End. Of. Story.


C’mon…oh man

are you serious?


Everyone says the same thing.
When the two beside you tell you it’s blue, it’s blue.
If this ain’t a nerf,then I don’t know what it is.


Anything yet? I’m bored…


Such a perfect place to post that.