Introducing Mass Select and More!


This is amazing!

Not that you can upgrade so much faster,but also more efficiently.

Now,because of the fixed price,boxes are actually cheaper (when you buy more;if you’re me you probably bought around 20-30 a day…Now you can buy around twice :slight_smile:)

The mass select forks fine with me.Gosh,I’m gonna like this update a lot.

Also,if I remember correctly,you said there would be 2 updates this week,isn’t that right,@Sarah247?
Could you give us just a tiny little hint?

Thank you for the time and great update!
Keep up the good work as we are all looking forward.


That seems perfect to me!


I LOVE this update. Now silver boxes actually serve a purpose. I just upgraded so much from 1 batch.


Yayyaaayayayaya soooo excited :star_struck::star_struck::star_struck:


It is a great update, but unfortunately seems kind of broken
Whenever I try to deselect epics from the mass select, it just exits my item out of boosting, and I can’t get it to work
Sometimes, when I try to mass select, it replaces the item I am trying to boost with a different item.
Also, sometimes I can’t single select book and I have to reload the page


I like the changes, but the drop rate for rares is clearly reduced. That’s a real shame.


A tiny little hint


Can you give a word about the drop rates of the boxes Sarah?


@Sarah247 read killens post




I really do not see that new feature very useful :confused:


LeL, mass select is awesome to me.


What is a “killen”


Well, I respect your tastes xD


Maybe I wanted to say “Killin”


You don’t say (!!!) :0


Mmmmm I did not understand xD!!! :v!!!


ment @KilliN dude sorry


(I will speak about the ‘mass select’, stable box price…why not.)


This feature is working bad for me.

I’m one of not few players who don’t want to risk their legacy items
or looking with care (mostly '-)) for efficiency of boosting.

to avoid stupid mistakes.

Critic reviews above are qualified.

With this mass select I can’t select!



Because I saw a lot positiv feedback also, yes it is a good update in general, but for players with a lot of items and players who want have most effectiv boosting, it is very hard to use :exclamation: