Introducing Mass Select and More!


to many exhaust pipes to handle though…:rofl:


In a whole - not bad. Absolutely quite good.
To speed up and to polish the process and to correct the translation only

In the heat of excitement burned half of the accumulated coins .

And the relevance of the gold portal will increase significantly now.


Agree (Agree Agree Agree)


This is what appears now !! Less price and less quality.

In the end, it´s the same as before, you´ll spend the same. You don´t need to be Einsten’s grandson to realize.


but… the box prices are fixed…

how can you not be happy about that


I am neither sad nor happy. I will spend the same.

And be careful with the mass! It is not that any legacy item that you have saved is taken …


I love it thanks for it


the gold portal is already enabled :crazy_face:

insane - 63K coins. one time :rofl:


The worst thing is that now all the boxes are very nerfed, even the ones you get for pvp


And, uh, so, well, um, so…


Nerf is well visible if you take the one box.


Kongregate: Missing the 5x Box option.


I just played there and see it. Make sure you clear your cache. :slight_smile:


80 % I got is common.


Thanks, that worked.


Wisdom, repeated twice, well is remembered.
Wisdom, repeated twice, well is remembered.


I think we all wanted the price to be estable, but without nerfing boxes. It seems a bad joke.


T-Soft: new update: mass select!
me: oh good
devs: and bulk boxes, too!
me: the easier way to get items
everyone else: blah blah blah


I love that the prices dont increase now, thanks for all the great updates!
First raids, then clan rewards, and now this!
Keep it up!


@Sarah247 replied to your pm with all the infos needed!