Introducing Mass Select and More!



What is this?The thing i just circled?


I think this mass select is pretty great. You buy an 5 silver box package and go to the mass select and fuse away your rare and common items youve got from those boxes. If you wanna keep some of your common/rare items you just have to put them on your mechs.


i guess it is a de-select feature…


Oh thanks.I was just asking


You know the fact that if you boost a Torso into a Torso, you get more power, than you boost a Side Weapon into a Torso :question:

Therefor - if you want have most effective boosting, you need to de-select all other types every single time :exclamation:
(and you cannot select your inv manuel anymore during boosting)


You know you can still fuse in the old way, right? If you have a problem with the mass select then just fuse in the old way, one bye one.


I kinda love the box update cus now i won’t have to wait tomorrow for reseting cost.



No, you can’t fuse in the old way, because there is no manuel selection anymore as soon as you put the item to boost in.



Ohh, right. But you can see all items at the same time so I can’t see the problem with that. Instead of clicking up and choose the category you just have to click on the go down button and choose the item you want from there. Side weapons are next to the other side weapons and torsos are next to all the other torsos. So this choosing manually from above stuff isn’t really an advantage. I never even used that option.


Thank you for seeing the problem :exclamation:

The other thing you mentioned …

I have +350 items in my inventory, 16 Mythicals, 83 Legendaries, a lot Rares, 6 Mechs already equipped :exclamation:

Really not funny to scroll down for every effective boost around 5 seconds, before it was 1 click to the correct item-type, with the Mass Select, you need to de-activate all other types every single time :exclamation:



Fixed price is really great, not only it makes upgrading items much faster, it also makes gold portals worth now


Well, you have to live with that then. How can you even buy boxes if you have 350+items?


My inventory limit is 355, bought with tokens, not cheated :exclamation:


And yes buying boxes is often a huge problem for me, cos I need first the right item to fuse in, so I need to safe the Leg and Rares for upgrade.



i usually upgrade the power units - it does not matter with what, so i don’t need to save the different items…


But this way you “lose” a lot of Power (it is much less effective) and you have to pay double, for upgrading the Power Unit and later again if you use the Power Unit :exclamation:



I mean that the base price and the 5 price is the same per box.


Oh ok, so I just missunderstood it.

I think under the line the price is now lower, when it do not raise anymore, which is a very good thing :exclamation:


Can you ask the devs (Liran) if he can look into my problem about the Mass Select :question:

I tried to explain it as good as possible here, maybe just a second option for clicking to see the old items-types-selection (the old manuel one) would solve it :exclamation: :question:



Back then you could buy 20 boxes for 200k , now you can buy 47 with 200k!


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