Introducing Mass Select and More!


Introducing Mass Select!
Starting at XP Level 30 you be given the option to use Mass Select.
This feature will filter your items any way you like in order to boost your items more easily.

We also added Buy 5 Silver Boxes for XP Level 30 and up.

We will be rolling out more events and features this week. Stay tuned!


Nice Update, Keep it up :sheep::sheep:

This update helpful

But your team must work hard for many things wrong in this game. Long time not yet fix




Gureito daze


Cool,now i can upgrade faster.


Plz make buy 5 item box cost less
because 6500X5=32500 same price
maybe 30000?


Love that plan…


Oh gosh
so many cards…


We did not change the price.
Just made it less clicks for players that want to get Silver boxes in bulk.


Lol too much


Why I have 15 cards you only have 12?


It depens sometimes happens you got 2 or 3 cards


I see a price change :exclamation:

Before I had cost 3xxx, with raising prize.

Now constant 6500.


the trash complect detected

upd For me, personally, uncomfortable innovation - very long time, requires a control, since some of the items for the lower grades I use sometimes.

And yes, the translation is not just sloppy - does not fully correspond.


Plz don’t let legacy items go
RIP my two legacy rare shield :sob:
But the good news is my baby is safe03 PM


You still have those? I wish if my rank 1 acc is back ;-;


2 uses teleporter are useful for sniper mechs


How 2 snipe…


03 PM


I just tested the Mass Select …

  • you need to deactive every single time all other items-types, if you want boost only one type (where the boost is more effective)

  • and you cannot select the items-type manuel anymore, cos there is now the “Mass Select” during boosting

… sorry to say it, but it is a lot worser then before to boost fast AND most effectiv :exclamation:


Just a fact, no bad feeling.