Introducing Clan Wars


Please read this and make it @Mohadib and @Sarah247


It would be interesting to hear if there is a plan for further clan things even if it is not this idea :slight_smile:


I messaged Sarah247 about this idea, Im really hoping she takes a look at brings up to the rest of the developers


I just got messaged back from developer, said that they saw this and that they are now adding new features to clans


Would you be able to share a screenshot of that to me?




what does sprints mean


A sprint is a certan time period set by a company in which they have to get a certain amount of work done


its a planning type normally called scrum in which each period (normally a week) is a sprint in which a load of work is done. They tend to have a lot of meetings to decide priorities and work to be done.
This is probably why we often get weekly updates.


okay thanks i have heard it before but never knew what it meant


You won. Your idea is being implemented, @Elcent :slight_smile:


But the idea of the clan chest was mine -.- @Skiller-Legendary


how about the upgrade level of the item as well. because if its all max rares vs all rares there is an imbalance.


i guess u didnt get it
lets put an example
epic malice beam lvl1 would add 30 power
epic malice beam lvl 30 would add 60 power instead


i was thinking so but people said no


So does this still exist?


Um, yes. If you revive it e.e
I remember this topic @>@


What still exists :confused:


You also revived this thread.why did you even reply?


From my interpretation, Merciful wanted to know if “Clan Wars” was still a thing in the game. It does look believable since it was posted by Elcent who is a mod like Sarah although if you read properly, it does say it is an idea.

Also… to clearly see if it’s in the game, you could check the game even if you quit or not.