Introducing Clan Wars


Good point there.
If there’s gonna be clan wars would it be better to have both the opposition and defensive as auto-bots.This was we won’t need the stats boosts (as @Elcent proposed) and it would be more fair.However,in the current state of those bots,fight still would’t be as on paper (I said it in some other thread.Whenever I got in range for my annihilations -one of which a max boosted legendary and the other a mythical- it never fired the mythical one until the legendary annih. ran outta uses…Not to say that it never gets the play style right when fighting as an energy type).
So,in the end,i have no clue how a clan war would work best,be it with or without the use of bots and/or boosts to them…


What the f#ck lol, dude, player vs player. That is all.


You should check out the other post, he said a defence bot

Basically I guess it’s just putting all your myth HP plates and protectors and a couple of energy mods


There is this reason why I said that.
Maybe the matches take places in different timezones and some players won’t be able to take part in them.
Maybe…If both players are online,then it’s pvp.
If they’re both offline (or even 1 of them for the designated match),it would be a bot fight.
So…No player vs bots.only BvB or PvP


??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? Lol what?


But bot fights is just no acceptable bro.

but i understand you.


This is the post that they are talking of.

The reason it would use auto bots is it would be impossible to make sure that the people from each clan were on at the correct time. Using an automated system on one side would stop this. Also they would use the same checks as in matchmaking to stop editing of players stats.


That’s what I’ve been tryin to point.
And just to make things fair I suggested this:


Clan Wars …

my opinion …

  • it sound to much in direction of BattleDawn (Clan Wars)

  • we have already “Clan Wars” with the weekly tournaments

  • someone mentioned the small playerbase, which is correct, therefore, I would prefer tacticsoft put in effort to make the current game SuperMechs MUCH better for the players, which WOULD lead into much more players online

I dont want to list now all what tacticsoft could make better, to make the playerbase (online at same time) again much bigger (was used to be 1000 - 1200 after SSundee’s input, now often less then 200 :exclamation: ), but want to mention 2 things (out of many) …

  • item limit (long term solution)
    it blocks now really everything, and become worser and worser with every new item

  • available best items
    somehow the availability is 0 :grey_exclamation:

For this reason I will vote “dislike”, even I do not dislike the idea (would need a “no, because of following reasons I mention below”).



@bestplayerintheworld most of your comment is off topic…

It is nothing like it in anyway shape or form. It is more like clash of clans as others have mentioned.

Then you are correct to dislike it and leave clan system as is which is :slight_smile: ty for your input and reasoning.

However the rest about other ideas, sunde and item limit should be (and is i believe) on other threads. Please keep this thread dedicated to Clan Wars only.


Love that idea! It’s kind of like clash of clans, But its also a great idea since you would be able to benefit from it as well if you win!:grinning::grinning::grinning:


nice idea but auto pilot? the “super tanks rumble” game has this system and was very boring.


How would you make it so that it was a fair war then? keep in mind that waiting for certain players to log to play against them can be almost impossible on an international game :L


Auto-pilot is the only possible solution, given the time diferences on a global game(Those +/- hours GMT, really hurt the matchmaking), as experienced on a smaller frame tournament like the GOAT.
Sure it is not the best, because a bot can’t actualy think and fight like a human, and sure it lacks the AI of ChessMaster 2000(altho they use patterns of premade moves), but it is the only thing that can be had atm, and i don’t think it should be a very big problem fighting bots(we fight them in campaign), and giving them certain boosts to stats(10%), we might end up with some chalanging bots to fight.
Altho it need to be rigurous tested befor, as to not end up with builds that are basicly unbeatable.
And I find this ideea of actualy fighting something diferent then the campaign bots, more then needed.


This thread is solidly about the idea mentioned above. I am not expecting the Developers to drop everything else in place for completing this idea. I highly doubt even if they love this idea that it would be implemented within the next year. While I understand your frustration with other parts of the game please express your feelings for those on the appropriate forum threads of which there are hundreds.


Its very big update with much new bugs.
Hard programming, not easy to introduce.
Dont best thing for current situation.


Posts that do not keep on topic will be deleted. Posts concerning the general state of the game or other ideas have their own separate threads. This thread is purely for ideas relating directly to a clan war system.


yes it will be alot of programing involved.
But most of the tools are at hand for the devs:
Autopilot feature is here.
The AI can be implemented over any build.
There will be some work into the matchmaking and attack/defend phase of the Clan War.
But that can be done in a way of, maybe make a Clan HQ, where the clan chooses the defenders, and the attacker …well atacks.
This doesn’t need to get done right away, and if you think about it, this forum is a good Brainstorming pool for the devs to get some ideeas, some lines to follow in the future.
It is a good feedback for them and who knows what we will get in the future, maybe some of our ideeas will get thru.
I think the more we suport certain ideeas the higher are the chances to get them in the future.


It sounds a bit cliched.


i feel it more a clash of clans direction, battledawn its a copy of a lot of games so i dont take it as reference (also CoC its more like a remake of older games but its really popular so i preffer it to use as reference)
clan wars idea isnt on SM
wich is on SM is a clan tournament & its pretty different
-a clan war its a battle between clan members with the objective of crush enemy & get a great reward x it, players decide when to battle
-clan tournament its more like a race to be the first
obviously like every game to be the first u really have to be the best
& also tournament its weekly & automatic
by the rest i agree with u