Introducing Clan Wars


Before I get into the idea please remember even with community support Tacticsoft may have other ideas for the clan system. However if this gains a lot of support and the developers are impressed it could make it to the game so please show your support if you like the idea.

Clan Wars

Due to the lack of point being in a clan except when you are in one of the very top alliances i would like to propose Clan Wars.

This event would be a 3 day event in which clan leaders declare war on another clan.

Firstly the leader can decide the style of the war 1vs1, 2vs2, 3vs3. and also the player count that will play 6,12,18.

Day 1

Selected players will need to submit a Mech to the system that will act as a defence mech. Defence mechs will play on the auto firing system and have boosted stats to make every mech submitted a hard enemy to beat.

Day 2 - 3

Players will be able to view submitted mechs and plan who is to fight who. You will be able to see the image of the mech only. No stats or weapon levels etc.

You will then be able to fight these mechs with your own. You’ll get 2 chances at attacking different Mechs.


So the winner will be done on amount of damage done to the opponent mech.
0-49% - 0 stars
50-64% - 1 stars
65-79% - 2 stars
80-89% - 3 stars
90-99% - 4 stars
100% - 5 stars

Stars will be totalled at the end and the alliance with more stars wins!


rewards will be up to Tacticsoft to decide but I would advise a small prize BUT a points system that gives a larger prize once every half year or something to all clans that took part and prize depending on where clan ranks.

Boosted stats example

2000HP -> 3000HP (50%)
400 energy - > 500 (20%)
200 regen -> 220 (10%)
400 Heat -> 500 (20%)
200 Cool -> 220 (10%)
No change to gun damage
Please remember this would be a silly mech that is computer controlled. You should be able to smash it to pieces. This will be changed so that the average damage is 75% across all types of mechs.

  • Great idea, Would love for a clan war to happen.
  • Dislike idea but do think clans need to do something more.
  • Dislike idea and leave the clan system as it is.

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Clan suggestion
Clan suggestion

It resembles clash of clans - clan war :slight_smile: would be great if it was added


nice summary & perfect solution x defense
except by 3 things:

-clan leader shouldnt be able to pick an specific clan to kill, it must be “random”

-matchmaking on these need to be different to common system based on the power of the “choosen ones” that will fight
also player builds must be locked once the leader search x an oponnent
if not then we gonna see lot of people using crap builds x matchmaking & then switching to monsters to kill everyone easy

-3 days is too long 2 its better if we consider just 2 fights per player wich means 48 battles on total on the best case if each battle its about 3-5 mins per much


shhhhhhhhhhhh :wink: Im pretty sure its done on multiple defending base type games.


Agreed, It should be against a clan of similar ranks/score.

100% locked. No way of editing after the war starts.

3 Days is fine. People are busy on days occasionally and this would allow for more strategic planning and play. I believe other systems give 2+ days to complete it.


It’s going to be tough doing this because of the small player base that joins clans, I don’t think other than top 10-12 clans no other clans are full

Plus, clans should be matched up based on individual player weightage , and mechs submitted before matchup .

In coc there are 10k+ clans I guess and match up isn’t tough, but I’f this is implementation here, match up with higher no. Of players. will most probably be only among top 5 clans


That’s why you would be matched to similar ranking and can decide how many players will participate. That way even clans with just 6 members at rank 20 can have a go.


nah dude theyll be more active players with this
also game isnt popular i know but to at least make it fun this is needed


What I meant is , right now at top ranks PVP match ups are really hard to get, and top 3 clans are way ahead of the others, so when matching is done based on player level, it’s always going to be top 3 among themselves or maybe with top 5 max, and the others in a whole different league


this is a base of power calculation i made some time ago
if we base on score x matchmaking little mechs & starters cant shine

each item would aport certain amount of power to make matchmaking fair x all
clan power would be the total amount of power of the equiped items of all fighting players at the moment of searching x a war
power would be calculated like this

common add 10 power + upgraded lvl
rare 15 + upgraded lvl
epic 30 + upgraded lvl
Legendary 50 + upgraded lvl
Mythical 75 + upgraded lvl

every equiped item gonna count x the player power
& player power would contribute to clan power

“simple” & effective to make a fair matchmaking, if u also wanna use new builds to fight at same lvl than ur partners this is perfect


Very nice idea. :slight_smile:


Do you play Clash of Clans? :smirk::smirk::smirk:


Idk about that but we know for sure that he does play SM :wink:
Let’s try to keep it just about SM,thanks mf :slight_smile:


Can you clarify what the “mf” stands for?



It stands for ‘‘My friend’’,mf :)))


Oh good… haha I didn’t know that, thanks :+1:


Bad idea, for various reasons.


Ummm…? :neutral_face::neutral_face::neutral_face:


Would you take a couple minutes to list a few of them?
I’d like to hear different opinions


Independent of the mech, fighting VS bot is always easy in supermechs. People could just make counters and beat every single member from the clan. When fighting VS bots, players are able to cheat. No one would like to have a lose in hands of a bot.

Still have some reasons but i think it’s enough.