Introducing a weapons log


To keep track of the weapons you got never had and want so it will help you with your sm goals and tell you when is the best time to get them in sm

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You mean it’s like a reminder that tells you when to farm for it?explain pls.


Well you see when a portal or update comes for boxes then it will say it’s the best time to get you wished weapons you want and tell you what weapons are out there


Like a wishlist?what do you mean exactly?


Kind of but not really it also catalogs the weapon you have and are still out there and the all the weapons in the game


Basically all of this stuff I know it’s so much


Ohhhhhhhh…ok…I get it


Thank I will add a poll now


I take screenshots of every weapon I transform.
That why this idea would be pretty useless to me…Plus I already know what every weapon does and already know what I want and what I have gotten (respectively never gotten).


Gimme gimme!
Actually,I want another Annihilation for my 2nd phys aka my Avenger Fortress dream build.


When creating polls remember to make them fair. This means that other alternatives your opinion can be made.
eg you could not like the idea or think it needs improvement.

For me this idea needs more fleshing out. How does it work? Can’t you just look in your inventory? how is this different?


Why isn’t there a “don’t like this idea” option?


it basicly for people that dont take screen shot i just thought of it because i dont remember if i got a naga


basicly i forgot about it but the bottem is basicly it


2 more days to vote so keep it comeing