Introduce Myself to the Players


Hi my name is TW Aquarius! I’m playing in M2(solo player), F1 and a leader of B(Send Nudes 4 Tokens). I am a old player here at Battle Dawn but the saddest part was I made a new account because I forgot my account and Deactivated :tired_face: :sob: . Now I am here again to show my love and power at this game and make a difference. I am different now at the young players that are playing here even if I am 14 years old, I can handle big alliances and conquer players easily. And I want more friends and mates here at this game but I am very serious and mad at the traitors and backstabbers at the game. I hope all of us will be blessed!
– Good Luck –

Add me on:
Hanz Espiritu
Hanz Espiritu
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Hello Mate, welcome back to the game!


lets imply i will send nudes for tokens. how much tokens will i get?


It depends if I will get enjoy if u send nudes XD


You won’t, trust me. Kaen sent me his and he dry afff


you’re nan dry asf, B.


I think you might get savage for sending nudes 4 tokens. :joy: