Internet Problems across entire Pakistan.Can G2 be paused?


Some underwater fibre cable which provides internet to majority of Pakistan is damaged and hence the internet is crippled in Pakistan.

A good chunck of players in all teams on G2 are based in Pakistan, so it would be my request to pause this particular server.

Thank You

@alexander @admin_joe


My apologies.

While I understand your frustrations, it seems the internet in Pakistan isn’t fully down (just slow) and is already improving.

There’s a lot of slowdowns worldwide and we really cannot pause servers every time the internet isn’t at its best :frowning:

Unless there is extremely wide demand for it (from all major teams), there is very little we can do (for example, Somalia hasn’t had internet for weeks due an issue, an area of california and some areas in canada are currently down as well… Googling “Internet Outage” gives some scope on how many issues the internet has every week). And in this case the internet seems to still be up, just not fast.

Hope you understand.

In case of severe issues I recommend using a service like Puffin, as this means only downloading the visual aspects of the game (and sending through clicks) and may help.