Inter dimensional Device


Device Name : Inter Dimensional Travel

Device Location : in Teleport place.

Device use : Moves the Robot to another dimension for one turn . where he cant attack and cannot be attacked , giving him the time to cool down and regenerates Energy depending on his Mech equipment.

Number of uses : one use .

needs : Energy

The other player must cool down or move around to skip that turn.

Important : Cant have the Teleporter with this . it uses the same slot. either this or the Teleporter device.


This does not feel Supermech-like

But nice creative idea


Better something which let’s u switch places with ur opponent once


Hmm… This sounds cool. Jumping to another dimension.

Here another thing that be cool. You go into the other dimension, yet also pick a spot that you return to. If the your opponent is in that exact spot, your opponent takes severe damage upon impact. If they are not in that spot, nothing happens. You just return.



Switching places with oponent can be another device .

This Device is defensive , if you are ion trouble and need regeneration or cooling down , you use it.

and will add a new strategy in the game if you happen to have one.


Well I’ll say no anyways coz it will destroy some archetypes and will be abused alot