Instant farming


I don’t usually give ideas away for free, but there is a need in this game.

This game like many others allows replays of completed missions for gold and loot. this is good, but it takes time even on double speed and autopilot it can take an hour to go through 10 runs. A lot of games have an instant raid/loot/grind/farm feature where once you unlock it you can hit ‘instant farm’ and it will bypass going through all the motions and just calculate your win (or loss) on auto and give you your payout right away, in an instant.


I propose that it can be an unlockable feature, maybe at level 100? this would save time for a lot of people and thus promote more buying of fuel refills.
Or maybe if Tactisoft peeps think that won’t encourage enough spending, make it another feature of a ‘Premium account’

  • I like this idea, but only if it’s freeplay (unlocked at a certain level)
  • I love this idea as a premium account feature
  • We need this feature either way
  • I don’t like this idea, let me tell you why (leave comment)
  • I don’ give no crud, don’ know why Im even voting…

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More Gold In Campaign! [08.03]

What if we can like… NUKE a mission?


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Freeing up the players time to play multiplayer =/= ruining the game

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omitting half of the game = ruining the game

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omitting half of the game because of your personal opinion = ruining the game

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I really like this idea. Good job!

I don’t think TS would give it for free though
… but maybe as part of buying the Premium Account

  • Would make sense as Premium Account needs a bit more incentive, especially if Arena Bonuses are filling up
  • Also the ability to go through missions faster, would increase fuel sales
  • I find going through the same campaign mission over and over a mundane task

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You mean the autopilot will work for the mission you have succeeded in manually?


What he means is that instead of the autopilot going through the mission with the mech as normal and taking 1-5 minutes the player would hit the start button and then the game would immediately calculate the results (including the random bonus crates) the autopilot would have instead of walking through the mission and doing the battles with all the loading times and animations.

So it would be like
Auto-Mission: Start
==> a few seconds later:
Result: Victory
Rewards: …

==> Result: Loss
Rewards: …


I’m talking about adding a new button that would turn 5 minutes into 5 seconds.
Instead of watching (or ignoring) all the cool animations and graphics we have seen thousands of times waiting for the autopilot to grind out the mission, it would skip right to the results screen so we can just get on with it.


Gotcha, mate :slight_smile: Gonna talk with the devs :slight_smile:


Of course this would never be an option on portals…