Inspirational mechs for people

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mods 3 hp plates-2 energy and heat engines-drone void-grappling hook energy-teleport-charge
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mods 2 hp plates-2 energy and heat engines-drone snack-teleport-charge-energy hook

2nd mech is hybrid :expressionless:


it is kind of just for the damage i did it

Hybrids are never a good idea!

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i need more energy weapons

I finally fully realised you have a Seraphblade… wtf what is life. thats so dumb. wow.


I’m outta here before my head blows up


please do not fill this thread up with spam keep on topic

what about that :confused::confused::confused: i dont get it

His hybrid obviously isn’t a good idea. But not all hybrids are bad.

mine gets me up to r2 if I bother trying harder in pvp

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is 2nd mech the first mech’s son?

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I had a hybrid up to rank 10 that was slightly more lent to energy. Malice beam + Corrupt light split hybrid… did well for me until I got my bunker and Val within 3 days of each other and got me to fully convert to energy

That’s quite the funky hybrid. But I could see it being somewhat effective or annoying (to those with low heat).

But you were graced with pretty good premium stuff. I’m still awaiting the gods to hand me some good shit lmao


but where is the mommy huh

no i was not i did not get a bunker shell not even spark runners yet

I also had an energy v. of ironbark and heat ver. of ironbark as pushback… it’s all coming back to me lol

I’m getting flash backs of the cringy mess my mech was. Lord I ran Malice for a while until I realized it wasn’t the heat one.



I maxed a Nightmare torso for it lol

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oh i dont think you wanted to remember