Insane Tutorial bug

To @Sarah247
I bored of playing on my acc.
I start tutorial.
And I saw this: silver box not 3.400 like always, its 13.400 (on my main acc I had this silver box price)
and… I bought it for 6K

After, I do a campaign run.

and game follow me to the fatal trap…
When, I needed fuse MetalBooster (torso), I stuck forever.
It was a trap.

I surprised, fatal bug not allow to complete tutorial…
D: i continue playing on my main acc, hate bugs :frowning:

Be careful, don’t accidentally reset your level now…

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You are only meant to have 1 account.


Lol, poor cheater.
@Elcent make sure to don’t let him delete it.

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noice h4x m9

Uninstall - reinstall - play

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Lol i just tap at green button at main menu…

Sentence: dont play as new player if you have main acc higher than 90 lvl and if this happened at Saturday after party… xD

Sentence : Dont try to reset your level

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Only 1 account associated with the same email address or only 1 account in the game?

From the first, I can attest that it can not be done. Of the latter 50 % of players are multi acc.

Here there may be a problem difficult to solve. It´s likely that multi-accounts recharge the server (that is also the reason for inventory limit?), But it can also be that several players share the same computer.


DarkWarrior trying to reply…

I’m not. I actually got my account banned because I had never spent a token, and had bought boxes all at once. The mythicals broke my account, and i was banned.

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Just a wow…
What a rush?..

I know. I was hoping for hellfire armor. Never got it. Now getting grimreaper to max. At least it looks the same. At least it is better. At least I can now get a energy mech. After fusing my sorrow away. Yes the weapon sorrow. Not my emotion sorrow.

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HellFire… Sorrow…
seems cool…