Insane mode on the campaign

Ok I dunno if any one else has noticed but what is with these mechs that get generated ! they have like 800 hp there guns hit like small little trucks like not even the mechs ! the tanks when they smash into you do like 150 damage ! the jeeps seem to have infinite movement and if the jeeps have shot guns they will all most always do max damage

I mean look at this !

And after fighting that one you gotta usually fight an other one , oh and by the way there guns act like they have full fusion on them
for some players this might seem easy but for the people who in the usual grade of mechs this is impossible with out resurrecting your mech for 10 tokens which is stupid because the usual pay out for completion is 5 tokens

I am fine with challenge and all that but this is just plain unfair
and the image is from insane mode mission 6 of the 3rd area god knows how OP the mechs become in the later areas when they all start getting mythical items

This is why it’s called insane. It gets harder.

So you think it reasonable to fight 2 of them mechs 2 tanks and a jeep with one life and expecting to actually do it ?

It’s called this beauty


Git gud skrub

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@ That_British_dude: Yep, It’s fair. Just need the right mech. If you can’t do it, than don’t do it. Trust me, I still haven’t finished the last battle. I decided not to do it. The campaign gets more hard, from where you are.


I’ve already killed the last boss of the insane campaign 5 times. The first time was difficult.

Each of the mechs consumes almost a lifetime of my mech, so you need 3 life improvements. And 20 tokens to revive 2 times.

This is the mech I use for the campaign. The heat kills them easy. It has heat drone too & heat hook.

This mech is for the campaign only. It is very bad to use in battle.

If you haven´t the new cooling module, you can put 2 Heat Controls either or whatever you have. Although it will lower your life a little.

Good luck!!

Yo uso el god mode con dos martillos heat y el lava spray y algun arma pequeña heat pero de dron uso el que regenera y encima te regenera aunque no ayas golpeado…los kit de vida aveces no tocan y esto ayuda un poco usadon ese dron …ami me funciona jeje

you even said it your self when it starts doing crap like this

What you mean?..

Like this is what i am talking about when it starts making these unfair mechs and this is evidence of this posted by you

Well I also posted, you can just reload the page to get a different mech to battle while your in a battle room. You can have the mech change to your preferences.

But the amount of times they have re-done this , they can’t get a simple campaign right like honestly it can not be that hard to balance a campaign

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