Insane big boy's legendary fortune box drop


And no , theres notthing good , it is just an armor destroyer , but a motivation for who has given on on big boy grinding.


I feel your pain friend I went through the same thing but in a way 10 times worse …At least you can use it for a roof to improve a mythical article I’m lost because it will not help me at all


got that when discount started


■■■■ that luck :frowning: I need it too :’(


And if you pass me such good luck?So maybe I would get the kills gods = Magma Blast


passing luck with magic power of web


I feel the power if I’m sorry, friend, it worked, wait, I feel …PS: he died because of so much luck that he exploded


I think i am able to see the explosion form my window


NAAHHH he just had a little gas after a big meal and was to close to the candles.


20 letras porque no se da hueva, tome su like XD!