INMAX - Official Room

Hello everyone!

I’m Lenka Cas, leader of clan INMAX
Right now we are looking for some new players

About INMAX:

  • We are the most active clan in game
  • We kill all Titans 7 stars
  • We make 5000 wins in season 1v1
  • Over the past three seasons, we have twice become TOP-3 clan at the end of season
  • We win most Clan Wars. In past Wars, we won Under the Bridge, USSR and Reign Reforged

I’m looking for:

  • only active top players
  • 200 AP in 1v1, rank2 in 3v3 at the end of season
  • many wins on arena
  • serious attitude for Clan Wars!
  • readiness for team play

We don’t need players for 1-2 seasons. Only constant players who wants to grow with clan.

If you are ready for dynamic game, then write me


You can’t really know which clan is the most active.


pavic they are 100% most active. meanwhile some kid gets 2000 wins per week in 1v1 season.
also @Elena007 if your going to show your wins per week dont show the 1v1 season. you and i both know you dont pull that in 2v2 and 3v3. and if you do congrats


Just wait till the vietnam bros will come back


if they really tried they could do that in 1 week in a clan of 2 prob more tbh

We don’t have players with 1000 or 2000 wins :wink:

We don’t try 5K at season 2v2 and 3v3, because we play for medal too, not only wins.
In 1v1 we can get 5K wins and fight for medals


well i get 0 wins a week and 0 medals so i guess dont take advice from me.

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Lenka Cas, Iwant join ur clan

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Lenka friend, congratulations, you have so many things in so little, your clan is the best in the game, and if i would join some clan and If I could to join a clan without hesitation I would go to yours. Congratzz


Hi zoner. U know me ??

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Sure, i founs you about time with my member account Salo el pro in pvp

Seriously, is that ur friend ??

He is my friend because he is in my clan and i play in his account

Ohh, that u already know :joy:

Of course, would ypu like ask me something?

Yep, how old r u now ??

That’s a very personal question and i dont want to answer it.
Some know what my age is and I don’t think it is very necessary to know someone’s age.
But for not answering I guess you already assumed how “big” I’m not.

Ok, and r u from Argentina ??

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Yes, it is truth mate
I’m living in Argentina (Cordoba)

You are in a clan with you and 1 other guy who is rank 5 :stuck_out_tongue:

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