Inkscape Tutorial (with photos and commentary)


Do I have a choice?

Here we go through all the basics:

First of all,from here you open your documents,import,export (as png mainly) and change the layout.
I mostly use the ‘‘Desktop layout’’,1920 by 1080.

This is your ‘‘Object tool’’.
With this tool,you can move objects and vectors.
You can only move them and select whole objects (vector constructions,images you cope+paste/import dirrectly from the ‘‘File’’ menu shown above’’ etc),you can’t modify vectors.

This is the tool you’ll use most.
With this,you can modify vectors and traced,have a look:
I will draw a line.

I can move the end of this line using that tool,

I can move the whole vector (line) by double-clicking its body and moving a node,

I can curve it by pulling its body,

And then changing the curve by pulling the ‘‘hands’’,

Then I can modify the vector however I want:

And even make it thicker/thinner:

Now,I will draw another line,select it and snap the nodes:

Double-click and move it

Now,I’ll draw a line and put a head close to another,they will want to snap:

But I don’t want them to span so I’ll de-select the snapping option:

So now they won’t snap!

I’ll just delete my construction by wither clicking on the whole thing or by selecting it using both the primary and secondary tool:

Now,I’ll draw a cross and snap a new line to the intersection:

But wait,the first line isn’t straight!

I will use the object box to straighten it:
I will zoom in either by clicking on the zoom box (bottom right),writing a value (say,1120%) or clicking the cursor button on my mouse,then I will be able to see clearer and straighten it:

Easy peasy.

Now let’s get unto the more complicated stuff:
I will draw a box using the Bezier curves tool (or the normal pencil tool but it’s faster like this:

I will colour it using the Fill tool and selecting a color from the Color section below.

Now I will use the secondary tool and select the color inside the box (as an object)

And click another color from the Color section (again,from below):
it will change colours without putting another layer of colour above it.
Then I will de-select my box.

Now I will click another color (say,green) and paint above the black box:

Right now,there are 2 layers in the box.
I will use the gradient tool and select the box altogether:

Thenwithin the box,click it and pull while still having the finger bushing LMB (left mouse button):
It will actually create a gradient,wow!

But,you know,I’d like to only have one of the sides shaded to green,so I’ll pull the gradient handle off the side a little to give it a more dilluted effect:

But you know what’s missing?
A thicker out line.
I will add a stroke to it just like this:
(this is also how you make ‘‘windows’’)

That’s great!
Now,I will move our box a little bit to the right using the primary object tool

But oh,no!
It will only move the gradient.
Let me undo everything:

Instead,I have to select everything and group all of the objects:

And now I can move my object freely:

And when I’m done,I can just ungroup everything if I ever want to move only the ‘‘window’’ itself:

Okay,now that you understood how the gradients work,let’s move one step further:
I will draw a brick:

and above it,I will draw a pyramid:
How do I make everything parralel?
I will copy-paste one of my other lines

Trace another (concurrent) line over it:

Then delete the other line.
I can see which is which using the secondary tool,that shows me all the vectors (highlight in red):

But there is something wrong with my pyramid,isn’t it?

For that,I will use the secondary tool to change my vectors’ position and make the pyramid a little bit straighter:

Then modify the brock’s line creating a couple nodes by double-clicking fast on the spot in which I want to create that other node:

I will snap that node to the pyramind’s edge and make 2 more:

And bahm,just like that we made a pyramid on top of our brick:

But there is something still missing…Say,a tube inside the brick!
For that,we are going to trace two exact lines:

(Yes,it’s 2 of them) and we are going to pull them both!

In order to make a proper circle out of these 2 lines,we can position the anchor hands at same distances and at the same angles,just like this:

Or we can just use the Cilce tool (but in this case,we’ll need the 2 knots from the vectors,you’ll see why in a second):

Then,let’s made a tube,shall we?

Now,just so the brick’s outline doesn’t stand in out way,we are going to enable these snapping options (in the mid right section where I showed you where to enable/disable snapping):

Now,we are going to make 2 nodes:

Then smooth the brock’s outline,snapping it to the tube’s outline.
It’s automatical if you enable this option.
It will curve onto your line and take it’s exact shape and agle once you pull it,look:

Now,let’s make the tube hollow:
for this,I am going to resize the other circle we previously made with the circle tool:
Select it and go to Object - Transform:

Another tab will show up in the top right corner:

Then we go to ‘‘Scale’’ and scale it down to…Let’s do 75%!

And now we put this other one inside the tube for a ‘‘Hollow effect’’:

But let’s do something from a more complicated perspective,shall we?

So,it is hollow,but rounded.
Remember the vector circle we made instead of using the Cicle tool?
That’s where it comes in handy,as we still have the 2 nodes and can snap everything to them.
I’m going to give it some perspective in this case making use of them:

It’s going to be an important detail for then we color it.
But first,let’s segment a part of the pyramind:

This is our controvertial shape.
Let’s duplicate the tube now to make a hollow one and one that has a ‘‘globe end’’:

And let’s modify it a little:

Now.Let’s get to colouring our controversial shape!
the ‘‘X’’ is the direction which the source of light comes from.

Give me one second and…
All colored.

Now,we are going to shade it by adding another layer of color to it and using the gradient tool:

Now,I think you see the difference between the two tubes:

Right now,it is pixellated but it will look good once we export it.
But…How do we export,again?
First of all,let’s save our abomination:

And save it wherever you want in your pc.
Now,this is how you export them as .png files:

First,you saved the .svg file somewhere (the drawing program/path and now you have to decide where to save the image itself (can be placed differently):

Then you click ‘‘Export’’ and go to where you saved it.

This is the result:

Feel free to ask whenever for more info or ask for help if you occur any problems.

Fan art question
Can you teach me?

I will continue it tomorrow because my mom is crazy :imp:


Nice from you to make this, but hey, there are sure a lot YouTube videos about incl. comments :exclamation:

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I know,but someone asked me to explain how it works so I’ll do it.
I tried to use tutorials too but as a beginner they were pretty frustrating to follow so I still ended up learning as I made sprites.
I’ll explain it and go through everything in a more beginner-friendly way :slight_smile:

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Tutorial completed!
I know the shape ins’t gorgeous at all but it illustrates everything you need to know for now.


Thanks a lot! You are really an awesome friend!


Aaand, how do I make a straight line? I can only make freehand lines :frowning:


An,you don’t have to trace the line.
Click once (while using the pencil tool) and then a ‘‘trace’’ appears.
Click one more time and you got yourself a line.


Want me to show through screenshots?


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Thank you for the support and all the kind words!
I apologize if I couldn’t make it the prettiest thing around or if I missed anything more important,but I tried and will keep at it :slight_smile:


Even though I don’t use Inkscape for SM sprites I applaud your effort here.


At picture 29, what do you do to get that? I tried right click, but it isn’t it. :frowning: