Infos abouth an upcoming update(maybe)


I saw that SM.will be a bit like BD (U Will have base, etc…) I saw that from a video…(not sure if IT Will happen/not)… Also, I have noticed that there Will be a gold maker /factory between the base. If U want to know more watch IT from madao San.(YouTube) You maybe Will get interesed…


That means it’ll become a really time-consuming game,as you need to invest more time to get items.
One thing is for sure,it’ll be a lot harder to get items than it is now,with bought MIX boxes.
If this BASE feature becomes reality,I will be sure to quit for good.I changed my mind after getting a Claw but I can change it again.
Waiting for my items one by one is one thing I’ll never suffer.Not to say that myths are now 1.5 times as hard to max,I don’t want to know how much longer it will take with the base,mining items one by one.


You know what I jope?
I hope they never implement the BASE.It’s a terrible update.
But the other update,the Armory,that was actually a good one,that they didn’t implement.
I hope they don’t implement this bad one,though.


What the hell is this base update?



Yeah.but u will pay SM gold to upgrade dat base…


I kinda think the update COULD be cool. Add a bit more Rpg aspect to the game. Lots of rpg’s have a long term growth aspect for upgrading. But those types of rpg’s are quite the different. SM is more arcade based. If TS wants a turn based rpg with long term strategy based growth system to gain resources…something like sim city or those build an empire rpg, they should release a spin off game…trying to merge both styles into one format COULD be disastrous…just my opinion…it really just seems like they are trying to slow down growth but call it balancing


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