[INFO GATHERING] Understanding Power Kits

This was a quite from Mohadib regarding Power Kits:

So let’s try and gather some info on how these things work. Unfortunately, all I have right now is a Rare Power Kit

Rare Power Kit
6000 Boost Power
Goes to 50,000 Boost Power when Maxed (level 20)

I kinda messed up my power kit by boosting it to full power, now I can’t really see how much I put in to it and what the difference is between putting all the items into the Booster Kit vs. just upgrading with the individual items

I do know that there are no color bonuses for putting items into the power kit (normally you get a 10% bonus if the color matches, and another 10% bonus if the type matches)

eg. A common yellow torso, let’s say Metal Booster, give 400 Boost Power, 440 if it’s powering another torso, and 480 if it’s powering another yellow torso

Anyways, with that said, anyone who’s got their hands on some Power Kits, can we figure out the following…

Common Power Kit

  • Starting Boost Power: 1,200
  • Maximum Boost Power: 10,000
  • Cost to Boost: 110 gold
  • Boost Power if boosting all the used items individually: 7,555
  • Boost Power Gained from using kit: 1245 = 16.5%

Rare Power Kit

  • Starting Boost Power: 6,000
  • Maximum Boost Power: 50,000
  • Cost to Boost: 1,539 gold
  • Boost Power if boosting all the used items individually: 35,822
  • Boost Power Gained from using kit: 8,178 = 22.5%

Epic Power Kit

  • Starting Boost Power: 13,000
  • Maximum Boost Power: 120,000
  • Cost to Boost: 13,712 gold
  • Boost Power if boosting all the used items individually: 82,270
  • Boost Power Gained from using kit: 24,730 = 30.1%

Legendary Power Kit

  • Starting Boost Power: 30,000
  • Maximum Boost Power: 300,000
  • Cost to Boost: 28,020 gold
  • Boost Power if boosting all the used items individually: 198,972
  • Boost Power Gained from using kit: 71,028 = 35.7%

Four big questions we’d be trying to figure out…

1. Is it worth it now to boost the Power Kits? YES
2. Is a higher tier Power Kit significantly better than a lower tier Power Kit? YES
3. Is it worth transforming to a higher tier Power Kit? NO, just max out what you have
4. Will the Power Kit changes really make up for the higher Legend and Mythical fusion costs? YES, kits increase boosting power by 16.5-35.7%, which is greater than the 20% increase to Myth and Mythable Legend costs


I just posted this Power units are now worth boosting

The answer to 1) is, in most cases yes.

Glad to see we’re on the same page. :slight_smile:


I dont have patience to read all of this… I already know it’s how to farm boosting power.

Nice one, gonna go into bookmarks


For Legendary Power kit, starting Power is 100k.

For Maxed, it’s 200,036 Power.

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Thanks… any idea what the difference between maxed boost power of the kit is (200,036) vs. the individual components?

It’s a bit tricky to figure out exactly, but basically I think you can pretend to put hem all in to the item until you’re close to max, then add just little commons til you get approximate Boost Power


For Power Kits (200k) V.S Individual items…

The difference of the two is, if you have a Power Kit, chances are you’ll have an EASIER time boosting out items, like you need to max a Legendary, then you’ll only need 1-2 of those Legendary Kits.

Because 200k versus this : image
Which means like, 1 Kit and a few items or an Epic Maxed kit.

Also just noticed this : image
To max this Common Power kit used to cost 780 coins, now 110. Which means there is a 70-90% Decrease in the coin costs for probably ALL Kits.

Not sure though, someone show us the maxed coind costs of all kits from R-L

But problem is, they need 30-50% more Power to upgrade than regular items.

Regular Common : image
Power Kit Common : image

Another problem with these are, they cost a bit more coins than upgrading individually and they take MUCH more time, because imagine :

You’re upgrading a Common Sith to Maxed Myth, it needs 1,000,000 Coins to max and 2 Commons, 3 Rares, 4 Epics and 5 Legendaries to max it to myth.
And now, you like to make this upgrading quick by maxing a lot of Legendary Power Kits, but costs an additional 1,000,000 to make 15 Max Legendary kits.

Now, for Individual Upgrading, this one takes less time than upgrading Power Kits, as well as the costs.

Only same for these two are, they do the same job of using all of those individual items. Because individual items takes a lot of space but does it’s job right, while power kits is just the same, just a bit more costlier and packed into One Single Game-Item that can be used anytime.

… Unless you got your Kits by Legacy Converter, then you can upgrade anything you want, just need to have the coins for them :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m expecting “tl;dr” comments by the way :joy:


It’s late here… I gotta process this and figure it out a bit more
The math’s too much at this late hour :sweat_smile:

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Here the info, Maximum Boost power: 120,000

It is NOT worthwhile to transform a power kit.

Boosting to the max of it’s current rarity is worth it.

Yeah, I have figured that out while making that post.

But it is worthwhile transforming a Powerkit all the way to Rare/Epic only.

Because, 2 Commons for transformation is amazingly easy to get, as well as 3 Rares :stuck_out_tongue:


One epic completely up a legendary from 0 to FULLY Legendary. Here we go:

As You see the above, No upgrade yet. Below you see one Epic Kit does the job.

Don’t worry, I didn’t click boost.


That’s not the point. At max Common, a power kit provides 10,000 boost points. When you transform it (using items and gold), the power kit only provides 6,000 boost points. Which means you have used items and gold TO GO BACKWARDS. Even if you then boost the rare power kit to max, you will still never recover the loss in points. (compared to just using those items to boost normally)

OK, list updated with answers to the questions

Need some firm answers on the Legendary Power Kits… not sure if it’s 200,000 or 300,000 at Max Power, also need to know boost power of individual items.

For Common, Boost Power gained = 1245 / 7555 = 16.5% increase
For Rare, Boost Power gained = 8178 / 35822 = 22.5% increase
For Epic, Boost Power gained = 24730 / 82270 = 30.1% increase
For Legendary, Boost Power gained = ??? = xx.x% increase

So kits definitely get better with each tier
I still don’t think it’s worth it to transform a kit, just take what you get and max it
I’d really like to see the Legend numbers

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This is two questions with one answer.

LOL… good point… I will fix :grinning:

As a side note, about the 10% benefit for matching the color (red, Yellow or Blue) and type (Torso/Leg/Top Weap/Side Weap/Item/Module) you can see that for the Common Kit, if you have a double match (20% bonus) you are better off just fusing them directly, but single matches (10%) are OK to put into the kit (16.5% bonus).

For Rare kits and above, the bonus (22.5% or higher) from using the kit outweighs a double match bonus (20%) so everything is better off into the kit


This is so weird

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Another note, a maxed epic power kit can halfway max a myth from level 1, pretty cool


That cost though… @Sarah247 please lower fusion costs, it now stakes me ages to progress… this much grinding is boring you know…

Ok, so legendary starts at 30,000… can anyone confirm for sure that max boost power is 300,000 and also how much boost and gold cost it takes to get there? Thanks