Infantry only world


Imagine a fantasy world where there are no horses, or trolls, or orcs… only humans and their bows and arrows.

This game mode plays out exactly like battle dawn, but with ONLY infantry. That means no dragons either. It would be mass chaos as literal thousands of infantry units swarm the map.

Perhaps that’s too much, so we could add the cavalry. They’re more expensive, but are weak to infantry. Might be a decent balance.



  • Hell yes
  • No

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wheres the box that says “hell yeah!” that i can tick?


An interesting idea indeed, but then anti cav and heavy would be useless to make :stuck_out_tongue:
Everyone would just have AI (hopefully). I don’t know if there is a way to even limit these things though.


I like this idea , it will result in faster bigger wars as inf are cheap ti make


Its a no for me. Everyone will be buildin inf anti inf, things would be shit boring.


Cool idea, but then the person with the biggest army would win :frowning:


You would still have spies I guess. But still boring.


voting yes just so i can spy noobs all the way


i voted yes but i think u should modify the idea a bit because as carter said biggest army wins and spy protection will be always there