Indispensable Legacy Item's

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soz man i already got rid of them i completely forgot i had them and they went straight down the drain

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I thought the 1KG teleport was free. Not worth it to me now.
I do have some useful legacy stuff…

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@oliboy23 - i have new account so i don’t posses this items, but I’ll l be jealous if you use against me.
I’ll ask dev to remove all legecy item’s or just drop few in our account.

just as i said i only have three legacies left myth regen and cooling modules and a legendary teleport

We should vote for 1kg teleport. Its not fair we dont have it. :grin:
Remove others legecy item or give us some. :grin:

why does it matter?

i use teleport to do damage as my legs carry me far enough not because it doesn’t weigh much

I accidentally got rid of them without even thinking… They were among the first to go, I think… hahahaha…

I have a few AMMO modules left. I am not sure what do to with them…

I’m still waiting for that toilet with flushing sound @Fluxeon and @HappyPoppers keeps talking about.

I could use them when that solution is made. :slight_smile:

Kinda ridiculous that these items are still usable.

I flushed pretty much all my legacy items as soon as I joined my first PvP match and realized my weapons wouldn’t fire anymore. Figured all the legacy stuff was out at that point.

Now I frequently play vs mechs with those items :frowning:

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