Increasing minimum damage of Annihilation


well i am not a noob like you who dont use a fricking drone


Yeah I must be a big noob because until now I didn’t know that the annihilation’s damage includes the damage of a drone.


Nonsense, i have an maxed annihilation on my mech and i don’t think this have to be boosted.

This thing have 15 resistance drain, it’s actually insane!


insane? Where? If you fight an energy mech with 61 res on it you will never win


I’ve beat a lot of those, my energy stats: 400 cap and 200 regen
resistance is nothing


Not really, I’m too


it is all about the start.
But again, if you face a 3 bunkershell build, you will lose. Or a bunkershell and 2 ash generators, with 2 myth plate, you will lose again.
It is what you face, and the start position that affects the win/lose, also add some bad rolls on anihilation and you are ducked :duck:.
while you can win energy using phis, with high energy cap and regen, there are some builds of energy that will walk over you no matter what.
And if you face builds with myth hp plates, and myth res, it becomes even harder.


you’ve been lucky (but you used a good strategy, this must be said), if Ge’nal had valiant sniper the story was another.


Isn’t it obvious that if you meet somebody with much better modules you will lose? Do you expect winning vs better mechs?


yes I do. I am better in skill…


since when SM need “skill” Kaen?
game need logic but not skill


In legendary i have a annilathion combo and the max is 134-256 The epic version lvl max is 131-235
More damage!!


Another alternative is that Nightfall, do not require energy.

Equally, in front a good energy mech, you will already be without you drone.


I’m not about what you saied, but I can tell you one thing: NF needs energy to fire ^^


In real life, no firearm needs energy.

Only a laser weapon, so the game is becoming unreal.


what you have said is a game, even so it is logical that physical drones need energy because they shoot a laser beam that takes damage, the minigun if it is a firearm is more mechanical and has little scope for it, the NF as it is a mech needs energy to give the order to shoot is a mech there are no triggers, the minigun one can imagine a large firearm, the NF makes sense that it uses energy


From the beginning, the mechs regardless of the games, movies, or whatever. Whenever the weapons are bullets or missiles, they do not require energy.

I do not argue about laser weapons, or magnetic clashes, that’s another story…


your right, and I guess you summed up supermechs not reloaded


remove the energy and heat to all physical weapons would be unfair the physical would be more powerful again … more than logic is a matter of balance


Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes