Increasing minimum damage of Annihilation

I suggest to increase a bit this ridicolous minimum damage of annihilation. When you face energy and heat mech with 61 res and 1 range push back weapons, annihilation becomes a bit useless. You can only go near your opponent and fire one time and if you are unlucky you will do from 180 to 217 of damage. Suggestion: 230-341 or 245

Let me know what you think about.


Ever since SM Reloaded day 1 I claimed that this low minimum damage is ridiculous. But then they nerfed it even more. This is why I am giving up on physicals… But IMHO the RNG with shotguns is even worse…

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Okay, we have increased the minimum damage of Annihilation due to the feedback from the players. However, to balance this, we made it so that it requires Energy to fire!

Oh, and you also have to pay 5 Tokens each time to fire it… and the price increases by 5 Tokens for each time you fired the weapon previously this battle.

Happy Supermechs Day!


its already a bit op dude
5 - shots and 2000 hp goes down in no time even if ur using a mech with freaking 75 resistances

Nightfall before nerfed is an op weapon( now it is too ) 3??-412 29heat/en cost 15 drain really OP.

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Or less weight( 65 is too heaving )


To me nightfall it’s well balanced, its not OP ( well, I liked the old stat, so much satisfaction with 400 of max damage).
Against energy it’s very useless now if you dont have a good energy cap.

@Aador_Dasgupta that’s not OP, quite the opposite


Physical mechs need to be nerfed…they’re too OP. Start by nerfing the ones Vic uses :stuck_out_tongue:


But you can use an annihialtion 3 times…

they should also increase heat weapons sure they nerfean hahaha

Better that physical drones do not require energy, that would be fairer.

Since although you can make a single shot with the weapon, the drone at least serves.

Currently against the energys players top rank, is obsoleting.


It would be unfair unless they fall into harm, could against energy but heat would be at a disadvantage

It’s not “ridiculous” at all. That’s the only thing Phys mechs have. They don’t do heat or energy damage.

Besides, an energy mech could actually do more than that if it has energy break’ed the opponent.

Lower the dmg pys mechs do, they’ll become worthless.

(Me feeling sympathy since I win against all the pys mechs :joy: :joy: :joy: )

Annihilation and Mercy RNG is pathetic. I do almost below 150 vs. ~61 resistance. Mercy hits around 250 as a standard. The minimum damage should for Annihilation should be increased by 20-40, or perhaps make its range 1-3.

Annihilation and Mercy were OP back in the day, ~220-380(?) damage for Annihilation and a stupidly broken 226-496 damage for Mercy. The problem was they were nerfed with too much passion.

the heat will pass badly if the physicists increase the damage, the energy maybe a little less problems, between physical also the thing would be a bit more fair, solution lower the energy all win, lower your drained about 10 or 20 of each weapon

Best example, some battles from yesterday’s seasons. I returned for a while to my phys, because figthing top ranks with legendary weapons sucks (need to maxx them first), and upgraded my phisical to 2500 hp. I got matched with Sir ( i believe so), and his energy mech was circa 1500 hp. Wonder how the battle ended? Yep, energy won… Physicals (energy-free) are useless and pathetic against energy. 1000 hp difference in favour and a loss?? Come on!


What kind of mech did you use here? with 75 resistance the first max damage is 266.
second with 60 resistance is 284 damage
third: 45 resistance =296 damage
and now its out of uses but lets continue
4th: 30 resistance and 311 with max damage
5th: 15 resistance and 326 damage.

so with 5 uses (even if it has only 3 uses but whatever): 326+311+296+284+266= 1483 ( if it makes max damage every time.

with the lowest possible damage: 128+143+158+173+188= 790

So its going to make damage between 790- 1483 with 5 uses but since it can be used only three times : 429-846

You just don’t know how to use it. The only physical item that need a buff is terror cry. A damage should be more serious.

Let’s say the RNG sucks. Vs. and energy/heat mech, which has 22 physical resists (unless you use Zarkares), it churns out 181 damage and your opponent’s resists go down to 7. Next turn, you do 196 damage and drain your opponent to -8. You then deal 211 damage, a total of 588 damage from one weapon with 3 uses.

On the flip side, it can deal a max of 1002 damage for 3 uses, though.

instead of reducing energy drain reducing a little bit theyre base dmg so they can only be op when they do the break
i said this since the beta but still seems the same thing