Increased level cap to 200 and Clan quests!






Those are some great english speaking skills


I choosed “I like you very much” over “I love you”…



Why did you edit it lmao


I uhh realize my spelling


Is there a problem with the given tokens thing?

cause one of the players in another sm dsicord server I’m in said he didn’t get any tokens



yippie I get a free pack.


Awesome update! So happy to see stuff like this.

Remember though, this still doesn’t solve the max level problem. It gives time to solve it, however.


Oh dam, this is the best update by far


Hey, atleast the final level is worth it

except the people with many plat plates


Absolutely! I’m not hating on this update in any way, just pointing out that the journey isn’t over yet.


thanks 585 tokens :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


However, therea 50 new lvls, 2 tokens each. Thats 100. If id have started from lvl 150 id still be able to get those 100, but id have more aswell


Could be sweet to give the possibility to pick within 4 or 5 rare items.

eheh :shushing_face: eheh


ok ok ok that’s one of the best updates ever
i really like it
finally something for f2p people
thanks sm team :slight_smile:


What are the clan quests? is there a way to see them?


they r with the normal quests and most of them are about titans


@Berserk40000 can u explain me how the rewarded free tokens work?
some got 200 some 300 some 400
is it just random ?
if yes what is the most and the least u can get
edit:now i know how sry for ping


I liked it now I’ll get what 10 million gold easy it will take a thousand years to get level 200


where is my free tokens because i was one of those lvl 150 players and i got no tokens why @SilverBox pls fix this