Increased level cap to 200 and Clan quests!


this is amazing, thanks @SilverBox




Since SuperMechs is back up, the lag-issue seems gone :exclamation:

All run pretty fast right now, HOPEFULLY it stay this way :exclamation:



This is what I call being in BERSERK mode


That’s actually funny :slight_smile:





Am i dreaming ?? 56608804_2189960604647319_1514610317034782720_n

Level 196 on 1st day of new update?



Lol … I got 755 tokens + RAID … I opened 3 premium packs and got 5 legends … it’s not bad!

Thank u!!:blush:


@SilverBox @Berserk40000

Can you check this please, seems something went wrong with her/his account :exclamation:


MAYBE simular issue as it is with …


Level 196 on 1st day of new update?

it seems like you got 6 level up rewards at once instead of getting them one by one. it happened because your client’s settings were updated a good time after the new patch was live. you didn’t earn or lose anything by this, but simply didn’t see the previous level ups and instead saw them all at once.


Lovely !
@Ricemech88 will not be Mr.NoPlatinumPlating now :rofl:

(Me as well lol)

Anyway, great event, Lots of Love


I opened 4 pack = 1 legy

I was not lucky


1 legy in 4 packs is a very low rate … as you usually have problems with this I would say Boss, that you would ask for a revision of your acc. It isn´t the first time that happens to you.


I got 1250 free tokens. Welp.




I forgot about this, and I have +20 More fuel from the Daily 3 wins :star_struck:


I like this change :slight_smile:
Good work :slight_smile:


Sadly i can’t know how much tokens i’ve got


How much XP did you have ?


I don’t even remember. At least 200 million? Maybe 250???


Oh, then that amount is justified

I got 585 tokens for about 143 million exp