Increased level cap to 200 and Clan quests!


Thats correct :slight_smile: . It sucks


Giving them an electric drone that’s rarely used?


Worst energy drone in the game in my opinion.


Still better than Torment, that one is complete junk.


Be thankfull they don’t move the factory to China…
The next gen Plaplats would turn out to be Krakens or Power Buttoms…
TS : “Build us 1m platplats”
China : " No problem, done"
TS: “Those are Krakens and Powerbuttoms!”
China: “You paid 1dollar for them, we say close enough for that money”
TS: “Well, close enough it is then”


Hehe he, the school sistem of the Balkan countries is catching up with the rest of the world.
It is something from the Soviet way of school… that and the Gulags.
Education for the masses.


This guy hacked supermechs please ban or i die.


oh fvxk


Super Mechs work again :slight_smile:


Yes, we worked out a deal.


Ayy, it’s working again. :smiley:


SuperChargeBociMKI hacked me!!


Yay, it is working again :slight_smile:
Thanks for your patience, folks!


also nice bonus with the extra EXP event.
Matches perfectly with the increased lvl cap.

LET the GRINDfest BEGIN!!!


No topic about todays event. Sad


Not where i am unfortunately
Still says contact support
I’m in Australia


Please, check once again


Same again. No joy still says contact support


Please, PM me with your user ID and the city :slight_smile:


About damn time.