Increased level cap to 200 and Clan quests!


Wait, so it happened after the logout, mate? Or when exactly?


Game dont work. You can enter website but it cant let you login. It just kick you out.


For me-(


o no


Think the servers went a bit for a nap or something.
The site is down.
And the app keeps asking for reconnect.
So maybe let them sleep another half an hour then, wake them up, give them a snack, and get them going.



Another DDOS?


It happened when I refreshed the game for the exp event to load.


What is ddos…


DDOS - Distributed Denial Of Service


Finger rest in peace for half hour


Is SM down?


Sadly yes…


Guys, that is an official announcement!
Don’t you worry, we know about the case and currently working on the issue :slight_smile:
Please, stay tuned :slight_smile:




I am watching pokemon. I am tuned already.


God if i love the glowy text…


DDOS is short for Distributed Denial of Service. It happens when a lot of spam clients (usually a PC that has been infected with a certain type of malware that turns them into a botnet.) sends a bunch of useless spam requests that usually exhausts the server’s resources and make them run slowly, or even worse, outright kill them.

It’s like when a grocery store has a lot of people and parked cars in front of it’s front door, difficulting actual buyers that wants to buy something at the store.


How can we send sperms to other servers.
Is that possible ?


I hope free Platinum Plate did not caused all this.

Next topic: Mispell in our latest post. Instead of free shiny platinum plate when you reach lvl 200, you get free pepsi also known as Kraken.
Joke :slight_smile: