Increased level cap to 200 and Clan quests!


Very nice indeed, thank you! I was getting really excited about my first plate, then I remember how incredibly long it will take to gain 50 levels. Oh well, still happy.


incredible update

finally a change xp

I am happy , very motivated
can continue game

thank you team tasticsoft.
little problem we can not level 1



lol, Top clan Problems…#cantrelate


Happened same to me. I did not got pop up of geting tokens. They were added to my token section anyway.


Yeeah noticed that too… was a bit like… how we gonna do that?
Do we need to downgrade our titan?

Anyway, Bravos to the devs Team!
Excelent update, to motivate our lazzy azzes to get some grind going on to progress.
And the rewards are quite nice!
Excelent work guy.


Dont defeat few titans and it shall work :slight_smile:


Best place for exp farming? right?


Yup! That is the best spot :slight_smile:


for now it is :)))))


I really wanted to change xp, I waited since a long time,
and now finally :).
it is possible ,request @SilverBox, to putt over
set to zero titan star ?



It will be the same as with all other Achievements … once a Titan is defeated, it autoroll back the already done achievements :exclamation:


P.S.: so no need to leave the Clan to join a Level1-Titan Clan for 50 Clan Coins :exclamation:



Extra exp event for today :oooooooooo


Yes :slight_smile: Silverbox told me when i asked him.


For once, I’m happy about an Extra EXP event…


No topic about XP event. Berserk is late :confused:


Someone need to make topic about XP event in Berserk style


I received 1000+ tokens?
before I only have 300 tokens
and 150 raid tokens today
And I think I have 220+ million exp something




So there is hope for @ReiMuBots to also get a LOT of tokens :exclamation:





Right now it says … " Connection timed out" / “ Host Error”

Is that a thing about updating the Update :question: