Increased level cap to 200 and Clan quests!



Nope, I played against Octo normally.
Octo Mark I can only use 1 weapon without energy for range 4 - 9.
As you see in the screenshot I simply drained it and then fired away in range 4 - 6.
When I was pushed to range 7 I moved back to range 4 and fired again.

Octo fired the whole time his energy free top weapon and then cooled down cause I was out of range for the other energy free weapons.


I think if you want to claim the record and have a debate about this, we should move it over to the world records thread where it would be on-topic.


I do not want to claim the record or debate about who has the record.
As you can see I liked Besty’s comment with the screenshot of her record.

I only replied to you because you stated that I used a coding error because I did not use a coding error that causes the Titan to move around.

Btw. I do NOT say that Besty’s record is void.
The titan she fought was programmed to act that way, she noticed it and got the record fair and square.
That is why I also liked her comment above.


God, just close this topic already. Its passed the point of off topic and everyone already knows that the level cap is 200.

Just stop replying here with off topic bickering please.


Not just yet, I am still waiting to hear why we havent been able to complete the titan quest


Leave the clan and kill a titan yourself, easy.

Or stop killing the titan and let the stars go down.


no, you misunderstand. I claim no one used a coding error, but I see what you mean. but theres nothing to discuss if you dont want to challenge anything anyway, we can go back to the issue at hand.

@Berserk40000 @Smirk

can anyone in the dev team clarify my query about this update?

I’d appreciate some clarification on this


There is/was no “glitched way”, told you now many times, but if you cannot accept facts, thats your problem :exclamation:

AI =/= glitch

P.S.: if you also don’t know what AI is, I can explain you into the smallest detail :exclamation:



it does not work…


Did @SilverBox give an answer somewhere about :question:

We players need a solution about this :exclamation:

I don’t mean this …

… this we know/read already, I mean a new answer refering that it does not work like he told us :exclamation:




Hey, will ask the devs and clarify this one :slight_smile:


i guess it will take 6 weeks to get to 200 from 150

is my new prediction


Any answer or reaction would be appreciated :exclamation: