Increased level cap to 200 and Clan quests!

It already should be that way …



passed 5 days and another Titan of 7 stars was beaten -any changes ?


exit the clan and kill the titan at level 1 equal the dwightx with energey t rex

He can’t quit the clan, he’s the leader.

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Yes he can…Lake does it all the time on accident lol…


But he won’t stay clan leader if he comes back.

Yeah, that’s where the problems start…



we can wait for the devs to update it lol

Plus, any rank 1 player who makes a clan ends up with a level 3 titan

Hey, when did it happen? Could you tell me a bit more, please?


Уррраа!!![quote=“SilverBox, post:1, topic:36125, full:true”]

Hello pilots!

We are happy to announce that starting today at 9:00 GMT (less than 2 hours from now) the level cap will be increased to 200 and 16 new Clan related achievements will be added to the game.

  • In level 200 we have a guaranteed shining Platinum Plate awaiting just for you!
  • 30 more inventory slots to be unlocked!
  • higher Fuel cap and tons of Gold!
  • every new Clan achievement will reward you with clan coins!

To all veteran players who already reached and passed the old level 150 XP cap: It was very important to us that you will also enjoy all of the rewards awaiting in the new 50 Level Ups so we decided to lower your current XP back to the level 150 cap. As a compensation you will receive a one time Tokens bonus on your next login. The bonus amount is determined by how much XP you earned beyond the old cap.

Have a great week!
SuperMechs team

УРА. Наконец-то, будет чем занятся !!!


My clan destroyed level 1 titan but i cant claim achievement reward. It dont show its completed.

Achievement prank…lol


So I just defeated a 1star Titan and it still shows the achievement as unfinished:

Can you please ask the devs to fix it?
Or what is the reason for it to not be changed to completed for me?

Btw. I play a solo clan.
So it was definitely me who destroyed that Titan and I even did it in one go.

Btw. is the negative resistance in my following screenshot a new record?
Or how high is the record for negative resistance?


Thank you mr guinea pig :heart:



That should be the legit record, for lowest resist.
The previous one was obtained via a codeing pattern glitch, that made the titan dance instead of shooting.

dude, stop.

these scores were obtained the exact same way - using a blind spot.

the difference is sunrise’s titan is a lower level soi had less hp. if he was on the same level titan as michelle it would be the exact same thing.

I’m honestly speechless you can not only overlook something from one party and damn it in the other, but go one step further and praise the one party over the other for the same. exact. thing.

speechless, honestly.

I’m flagging your post and suggest the mods remove both these messages to prevent any further derailment.


Damn boy.
You sure fail to see the truth when its in you face.
And have the audacity to come and lie about it.
First thing first:
The Squeedy doesnt have a blind spot, nor does it jump around in a glitched way.
It fires 1 wepon atleast each turn.
The Tyrano, goes into a limbo… and doesnt deal dmg.
Cloud’s record is legit, and can be repeated, or surpased.
Do carry on, in your “fair” mentality…
You can also suport that the 100m sprint record can now be made for the 200m sprint.

I’m not getting into this again. I’ll leave it to whatever mod responds to my flag to decide what should be done here, but I suggest that they remove this exchange so as not to lose this thread when questions remain unanswered.

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