Increased level cap to 200 and Clan quests!


37 million what.




No, I’d choose Ultrahot or Max. Need Ultrahot to perfect my rounded heat and Max to perfect my rounded phys. Not sure which is more important right now though.


I wouldnt mind some free tokens. Lol


I had about 37 million xp, I got 65 tokens.


reeee I only got like 30



Platinum plate.


I think I had about 100 million xp. Got ~450 tokens for it.


Hi @Berserk40000, I notice you’ve logged on to post a thread on the new fuel event. while you’re here, can you take a moment to respond to my query about the new update? thanks in advance.


this is a very good question…i did not think about it
perhaps at level 200 do we have a chance to get l-m items from boxes?..:thinking:


Can we have a 66666666666666666666666X fuel regen thing?


Lol, people would swarm to madboi.


defeated 7 star titan but cant collect titan achievements!!!


I cant too…


what to do with it ?


Let it be a pixel there.


I was thinking the same …
@Berserk40000 @SilverBox do we have to de-rank our titan all the way to level 1 ?


We destroyed rank 1 titan and i cant claim that achievement :confused:


Lol what ?
@Berserk40000 sorry for tagging again but this issue is also a problem


maybe make the achievement work like the transforming achievement; if you meet the criteria for third tier you can get the rewards for the lower tiers in addition to the third