Increased level cap to 200 and Clan quests!


BRAVO!!! Best update yet! And for the tokens, it depends on how much xp over level 150 you have reached


oh then i come i late because i farm gold on OD7 on hard everyday


Yeeeeeee level 151 but too lazy to upload image


The pay out is not great
I got 1139 tokens for like 300M xp


XD This is great! over 1k tokens. =) I still never got any perks from the first level increase from 30-150. Glad to see this was kept in mind for current increase to 200.


I appreciate the ability to earn clan coins faster with the clan quests, and the extra 50 levels are good for formerly max level players, but I’m kind of disappointed. This seems like a pretty minor update overall, as it doesn’t change the game like last month’s with the big balance changes. Just seems like an attempt to reinvigorate and bring back lvl 150 players.


They are in the achievements section, and you can get large amounts of clan coins from them, which is nice. However, as soon as I opened game, all but 2 were instantly completed for all stars, and the remaining 2 have 1 star left. Not much to work for.


Ya will not like missing your plat plate.


Ok , now that explains why i just logged in my account and got 3 clan rewards that gave me 1500 clan coins , and 10 clan rewards of 90 clan coins , and 2 of 200


a question just occured to me, and I appologise if someone has already asked it but I have no time to check:

we know that drop rates change level by level. the drops a level 10 gets are significantly worse than those of a level 100 for example, and drop rates peak at 150. however, now that there is an additional 50 levels, will drop rates continue to improve past 150, or will 150 still be the point where the best drops are acheived? @Berserk40000


Also, I had wayyyyy more exp than max, and why didn’t I get any tokens? @Berserk40000


Wayyyyy more as in how much ?


Is it only me or drops are good now.


Have you bought some packs or what ?


Oh, just about eight million…
No biggie, right?


No i am saving tokens for sale but everyone who bought packs today got a lot of legendarys


Maybe i’ll try one with titan coins


I had like 125 million more and got 585 tokens
I don’t know, i think it is designed that way



wtf again how i not gained any tokens i just don’t understand but

this is why im wondering i have some 100k-300k of farming gold and xp and not have given some really low tokens then again wtf


EXP you farmed when you reached 150 lvl decreased and in return you got tokens. Depend how much EXP you had.