Increased level cap to 200 and Clan quests!


Hello pilots!

We are happy to announce that starting today at 9:00 GMT (less than 2 hours from now) the level cap will be increased to 200 and 16 new Clan related achievements will be added to the game.

  • In level 200 we have a guaranteed shining Platinum Plate awaiting just for you!
  • 30 more inventory slots to be unlocked!
  • higher Fuel cap and tons of Gold!
  • every new Clan achievement will reward you with clan coins!

To all veteran players who already reached and passed the old level 150 XP cap: It was very important to us that you will also enjoy all of the rewards awaiting in the new 50 Level Ups so we decided to lower your current XP back to the level 150 cap. As a compensation you will receive a one time Tokens bonus on your next login. The bonus amount is determined by how much XP you earned beyond the old cap.

Have a great week!
SuperMechs team

Am i The Only One Who Got This :question:
Looks like we got a new Update!

Thats beautifull @SilverBox.

Hats down to the team.

Have a nice week.

@Ricemech88, @Andernut, a thought for you here bros. Plate plate for you bois.


This is awesome! Finally XP events will not be useless for us max lvl players :slight_smile: And when we reach 200 lvl we get free plat plate?


Finally !!!

Level 200 EXP, here I come…

Yess, now I’ll have 3 PPs…


Im 99% sure today will be XP event.


Finally you gonna be not alone plated mister XD

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Thats one plate, still a long way to go :slight_smile:


I will have 3 Plat Plates if I reach level 200, is that close enough?


Don’t forget, he take that plat too :smiley:



Great Major Update :exclamation:

Thank you @SilverBox :exclamation:



I have 15, 12 are maxxed, 8 are in use. Expensive myth food. Its pretty known.


Damn…3 is not enough…well, time to be P2W…jk




My xp didnt decrease, i went straight to lvl 156

straight after arena battle


New update is now live!


I got about 130 tokens :slight_smile:


I want some tokens :frowning:


Well butter my biscuits, its about damn time