Increased droprate


Soooo, as in the topic, TS increased the droprate from 75 T box. Has anyone tried this out yet? And what about this new drone? Anyone received it?


Misfit received it, he posted the base stats on the update page.


I noticed I got more legendaries than usual, opened 8 then got the new drone, of that 3 was legendaries.

evaluation: worth dropping those 600 Ts

theres the drone


“3 Uses”

Ayy Lmao


You can post on the New Update thread


God damn it. You ask me, Misfit why I am so bitter? This is why. Bought 6 boxes. 0 legendaries. 0 new drones. 6 shitty items. I am done.


damn dude.


Ahah dordulek groove. I,m got on three boxes


Sadly “increased legendary chance” remains still a hoax. Bought 7 boxes to test - 0 legendaries. Cold shower what to say
Just some stats to go to the pool…
It stinks more and more as time based RNG… that would explain Misfit’s streak, and ours opposites


3 uses LOL
MAYBE its good at MAX :slight_smile:


Also does this mean that the “face shocker” is limited? and no one will be able to get this special item after the drop rate expires?


I got a gumiho and a redwall. After that, i quit.


It is not Good at max,its Clears Throat



5 box premium, 0 legendary…


You have the face shocker maxed? how do u know its amazing


No i dont but i do know one thing…If its unknown to the people of this game then its gonna be op then nerfed then buffed then forgotten


I might have been able to answer what the drone is like if i was able to open those multiple boxes i bought before remembering that @Sarah247, out of her loathing of the players that play her game, basically took away players’ basic rights to use what they own, and that im unable to open the boxes i paid money for :slight_smile:

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I got mine on my second premium/orange chest


Who\where said that there was an increased legendary drop rate? I thought it was just an increase in drop rate for the drone :L


Kaen, huge respect! I don’t know you, maybe we met ingame under some other nick… does not matter - but I wanna say - you have really sound and valuable replies and your critical insight, arguments are exceptional. Keep good work.