Increase the chance for L-M items and decrease that of E-L and E-L-M's

good morning, afternoon or evening
Today I present this idea, increase the drop of legendary rare in primiun box-packs-fortune, I propose this because who has not passed that when you get a legend is epic-legend, is a necessity because the game mechanic currently is in having the best items to upload, which limits too much not having many special items, why lower the rate of mythic hp, that unbalances the game, which has one already has an advantage compared to the one used 2-3 epic, I know that sm became a pay to win when the mythics were recently implemented, but it was solved by giving mythics (leftovers), this is the idea to increase the legend - mitic percentage and decrease those that are epic-legen, epic- legend -mitic.


Good idea,wont happen though.
To compensate for the extensive costs of Battle Dawn Earth arena, a new game in progress, they are currently tightening up the slack on supermechs to generate more revenue, at least for now. The tactisoft team said it themselves in a post.
Pretty much, they are reducing drop rates to gain more revenue so they can succesfully improve battle dawn earth arena, which is a big project.