Increase power kit upgrading power

The idea is to make power kits have the most power than any items, evem if it’s the same type.

That’s the purpose of the power kits, to upgrade. The fact that fusing an item with the same type grants more power is what makes the power kits more… unwanted.


Also make sure that you can use them as myth food.


Also that they are actually rare -.-

Any item is better that a power kit in every way.
Items give more power than the actual “power” kits,they help transform other items (kits don’t) and can be dropped as legendary.
Power kits are the most useless things,unwanted and with no point at all.

Si yeah,I agree.
Make them actual power kits,not just dead weight.

Right now, Power Kits are a wasted opportunity

  • -they’re in the game, but they actually don’t even do anything.
  • -There’s no point leveling them up as you’ll actually lose out on the 10% matching bonuses (eg. Red to red, Torso to torso, etc.)
  • -I recently got an epic one from a loot box and yes, it would have been better to get an item

Possible Simple Solution:

  • Common Power Kits give 10% Power Bonus for all items
  • Rare Power Kits give 20% Power Bonus for all items
  • Epic Power Kits give 30% Power Bonus for all items
  • Legendary Power Kits give 40% Power Bonus for all items
  • Mythical Power Kits give 50% Power Bonus for all items

This way, the Power kits actually become useful again, and getting higher level ones is actually beneficial. Thoughts?

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