Increase orb weapon pull


No one uses the Mighty Cannon, Desert Snake, or Spinefall, mostly because their energy/heat costs are too high and that a pull at range 4-8 is not helpful for pretty much any build. These are easily the least used of the legendary/mythical weapons, hell I even see people using Purifier once in a while…

I think they would be usable weapons if they had a pull of 2 spaces, so that they could pull people into short range from space 4, or if they had a range of 3-8 for the same reason.

Either this or their energy/heat cost should be reduced… 95 energy damage for 71 energy, and 71 heat damage for 75 heat, no one will use this… The physical one is the closest to being a useful weapon but it doesn’t synergize with any physical builds.

  • Good idea!
  • Bad idea, they are good weapons!
  • I agree they are bad weapons, my idea is:

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You need to put single chose lol…


It’s my first poll oopsie…


btw…i don’t think the devs ever seriously considering those polls for implementation…this is not a democracy
you know, platon once said, democracy is none other but the tyranny of the mob…

altough they promised
" Ideas & Features
The place for all your suggestions, ideas, and crazy thoughts for SuperMechs. We are always listening! "


Maybe so… but check this out and don’t you think it sounds a lot like the new raid feature!!


I personally like the desert snake, but it definitely needs a buff (with all the others). I think reducing the costs would help a lot, or maybe upping the damage (heat damage to 93, or energy damage to 117, just like a lot of other weapons). As far as pull 2, that’s an interesting idea, and would help a ton on physical mechs, but not so much on others.


Loled with sucess.

People really thing 2 pull is balanced here? What the hell.

I’m not going to check this topic anymore so don’t answer me :slight_smile:


I voted for all 3 choices.
I did that because there was no ‘‘Doesn’t concern me’’ option…
I don’t care honestly…I got a Spinefall and used it as material immediately.
These weapons are cool but pretty useless (to me,at least).
And no,it’s not about the cost,really…It’s about the performance.
Orb cannons are just premium,longer range,heavier night eagles with unlimited uses anyways…


This is exactly what I’m saying. We all know they are pointless, so probably they should be improved in some way.


Improved or not…The battle style of them is why they’re mostly not used.
4-8 range with a pull?
For a legendary-myth item?
No thanks.I’m taking that Night Eagle right now :rofl:
Could be useful in some cases but rarely…That’s why I’m going to say whatever;I won’t even use these things.


well its hard enough to get them already… Still, for cornerr campers, Spinefall, that reaches range 8 would pull it into range seven, not enough range for valiant. So the pull should be increassed.