Increase Legendary Chance in Fortune Boxes


That’s a kraken Well, I think it was a good idea to make a gallery of torsos and other things :smiley:


ya estan trabajando en eso Antonio xD
@Andernut esta haciendo una buena recopilacion de los stat y las imagenes en comentarios
despues se podra trasladar a la wiki
el punto s q si no es mitico no lo llevan al max a menos q les sobre el dinero o sean novatos


there is already a 25% chance of legendary. and the point of legendary is, “hard to get”.


there is most certainly not a 25% chance for a legendary in a fortune box.


Maybe 5 % but not more and pretty sure they change the drop rate every week


I think you forgot a 0 at the beginnig of your number ^^

I got like…well…let’s say…75 Fortune boxes, and I never got a legendary…

So…I don’t really see the 25% ^^


probably less than even 5 in my experience. I’ve opened atleast 100 over the past few weeks grinding for fuse parts and got 3 boxes which rewarded legendaries. it’s anecdotal and I didn’t record accurate numbers but it sure as hell wasn’t 25%.


There is not a possibility of 3% or 10% only to 70% if you play in ultra difficult mode to ramboy :confused:


I just got a fortune box with 2 common items.

not even a single rare in a FORTUNE BOX.



Fortune boxes
Use to give only 1 epic 100% of the time


5% chance of legendary in fortune box and 10% chance of getting a fortune box :upside_down:

=> 5 legendary In 1000 boxes :slight_smile:


And you have to remember that not every mission guarantees you a box. :wink:



I got 8 legendaries from 150 fortune boxes


That’s a 7.5% Chance but not for all, I got 0 legendaries till now, and around 10 fortune boxes xD


they did not give me a legendary since the game was updated, I thought that only epics and rare :smile_cat::smile_cat:


Out of 24 box I got nothing it’s all trash so please increase the chance to have that yummy legendary!!:relieved:t


the only useful legendary i’ve got from a fortune box was windforge, it ended as myth food
i’ve got only 3 legendaries in my whole progress even thinking i didnt spend any money and have 5 mythicals



i only get rare and the 1 time i did get a epic my game froze


I don’t think that there is a chance they’ll up the drop rate, but it would be nice if they’d simply delete the fortune boxes that are common or rare and instead drop them as normal mix boxes. So, if you do get a fortune box it will at least contain one epic. No point in giving false hopes of something at least decent. This wouldn’t change drop rates but it wouldn’t be such a long string of disappointments to get fortune boxes.

I track all my legend drops. In the past three months I’ve gotten much more lucky than usual with fortune boxes. I got six L+ drops and four legends drops from fortune boxes. This is from a somewhat equal mix of difficulty settings and included a Ultrahot protector (second for me) that dropped on normal mode. All the other L+ drops were food. I’m still missing a bit less than 1/3rd of all possible L+ items.