Increase Legendary Chance in Fortune Boxes


I’ve opened atleast 20 in the past week and all have been epic or rare. I feel like they should be a little bit more fortunate. at this point I don’t even get excited for them, I see them like regular mix boxes. even if you do get a legendary chances are it will be junk anyway, the chances of getting much needed leg-myth trans range items must be next to nill at present.

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~~Book of World Records~~

I have not received a legendary from a box in months.


i just got a legendary
it was a freaking revenant


Сharming: fuse it without removing from the box :wink:


Yes, Very Stingy - I guess it is the same for all players though. The game starts to lose luster & momentum after a couple weeks. I have not received any Legendary & Epic are sparse. Maybe you get better items as your Mechs get stronger, dunno.


I have not received a legendary in almost a month and I feel bad about that


wow, over 30 yes votes in less than 24 hours @Sarah247 @Mohadib

that’s gotta tell you something.


Lol chances of getting fortune box is like 5% and chance of having some legendary inside is 0.1 % Lmao.


portal return ,goodgame


just got 3 in a row which werent even epic.


EDIT: 4.


same here
but i got 2 legendary items after 78 fortune boxes on 3 days grinding bosses
items were
84 commons, 57 rares, 13 epics, 2 leg useless chromium crushers and a beauty magical hell forged abomination



thats the count on a week xD i forgot to write it
there was 78 in total


in 50 fortunes box i got 4 legendaries


thats pretty good stats these days.


I have not gotten a legendary in well over a month from boxes.


I only EVER gotten 2 legendarys and they were from the fortune box.
Not counting Token boxes and the Unicorn Mission.


I received one legendary from a fortune box, but that legendary is ready to transform a legendary that I’m using :slight_smile: *well that legendary is no use for me


from a fortune box

but I got Kraken which is pretty useless for me :upside_down:


a what?