Increase drop quality in harder missions


Please, it’s ridiculous how difficult missions, such as Overlord’s Den insane, has the same common-rare drops like any other missions.

I suggest higher difficulties have a higher chance of dropping epics. The tip says itself:

“Play harder missions to get the better rewards”

Yeah sure, more gold and exp, but the drop quality is nonsense.

It’s like paying dirt to people who sacrificed their time contributing to society…


Play mission 6 insane in the last section of the map.

Best coins - 8k

Best loot - 8/10 runs drop item boxes

Best exp - 19k

All for only 7 energy , on insane.
And you only need to kill 3 NPC’s , a tank , a buggy , and a minion


Yes, that is where I always farm.

But I just don’t understand why I would get common and rares after facing a 1k hp mech.
All I ask is better drops.



What level are you?..after I reached over level 70 that’s when I started to get at least 3-4 epics a day…but I don’t really mind common and rare items …because I can use them to upgrade my stuff


I’m level 91.

Yes, Commons and rares can be used for upgrading, but it will be quicker if we got epics even more.

It will save the cost of upgrading them to epic and make a legendary.


that’s a great idea, I hate how high difficulty places give the same chances of common drops and if your gonna sacrifice time into farming such difficult levels we should be able to at least get better loot than in the beginner levels


i get a lot of epics playing mission 6 overlords den