Increase chance for legendary in Premium box


Earned myself a free 500 tokens. Opened some boxes. Only epics…

Raise it pls. I am not trying to pay as I already have in the past, but earning 500 tokens to only get crap is alot…

To get newer items that are “better” will need an increase in premium boxes. Getting 2 legendaries out of 15 boxes isn’t that great… (75x15=1125Tokens. Pay 20$ to get 2 legends, but this is also luck too. Might get crap from it…) I suggest to raise it to about 15%/gold boxes back then, or even lower. Right now, there are a metric ton of items to get, and seeming that you can get complete GARBAGE( epic item - myth is what I mean, as you can get it free from bigboy, or the item you get doesn’t go to myth level) is ridiculous. We all want a good item that we can possibly use( those death punches/other good stuff you can’t get unless it’s legendary).But right now is almost impossible as you probably have to pay a s*** ton to get an item you want. Please increase it. I am not looking forward to P2W people, as this probably will increase the chance of them, but this will probably increase some players to play more. :).

Thanks and please if you can…


I don’t its necessary to inflate the basic premium box. There should be a low end crate.

What there should be is bigger and better crates. 500 tokens for 10 items, at least 2 of which are guaranteed to be legendaries. For example.

Bigger package, but bigger packages always come with better deals, compared to 750 tokens for 10 items in 10 basic premium boxes.


thats like the myth box back then. I like it :stuck_out_tongue: