Incoming Update!

Dear pilots,

On Friday Jan 31 we are going to launch the Base Building feature we first introduced about a year ago.

We were fortunate enough to test this feature for a long period of time and saw that we got mixed responses from the community. A lot of players embraced it and asked for it to be implemented while others preferred it will be left out.

Because this feature is large in scale and affects a very big portion of the game and because your opinion matters a lot to us we decided it will be optional to all existing players.

Once this feature will be released all existing players will get a popup when entering the game’s hanger screen asking if they wish to activate the Base Building feature. if you decline this option will still be available for you through the options > info screen.
Note that if you accept there is no reverting this decision.

For those of you who didn’t hear about this feature yet here is a brief info:

  • every player has a base with 3 types of structures:
    1. Headquarters: determines highest upgrade level for all structures and amount of structures allowed for construction.
    2. Gold mines: used to harvest gold. player manually collects the gold that was mined.
    3. Factories: used to craft items. players manually collect crafted items.
  • every structure can be upgraded up to a level of 20, improving it’s production stats.
  • up to 4 gold mines and 4 factories can be built in the base.
  • silver boxes are removed from the shop. instead items are crafted from factories.

In addition to this release 3 new arena shop categories will be available:

  1. Items crafting time reduction
  2. Items crafting cost reduction
  3. Structures upgrade time reduction

and as always, more updates are planned for the near future.

so stay tuned,
SuperMechs team


Arena shop categories:

Existing players confirmation:

Option to activate anytime in info screen:


So are silver boxes removed from the shop?

only for players who enter the bases


Oh, what will happen to special quests like “open x many boxes?” You probably know it will be pain to finish it if you don’t have enough fuel to farm.

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they will have lower values. base building players are still opening boxes from campaign and the free boxes in the shop.


@SilverBox so, are you able to enable and disabble this whenever you want? And when you do disable, you can buy boxes? I.e Mix Boxes, Silver Boxes not Premium Boxes or Packs

Okay i get it. What happened to crafting cost and prizes? Did you kinda made the cost lower or is everyhing same like a year ago?

no, once you enable you can’t revert.
and that is only for existing players.
premium boxes remain unchanged.


So, it’s either get rid of the Silver Boxes for the base or keep buying Silver Boxes and not base… Hmm… That one I really have to think about.:thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking:


only minor tweaks were made. you can always create a new user to test the feature and decide if you want to get on board with advanced accounts.


Oh my lord this thing again.

I remembered that it wasn’t that bad I think.


Oh, then I won’t enable it. Buying boxes is basically the game, you don’t wait for nothing to make stuff in like 1 minute or so


Only the removal of silver boxes was kinda bad. Base itself is nice idea.


That fukin sucks about silver box removal.


So right now we can test it on new accounts?

I do not advise anyone to enable this feature! The game comes down to mining a mixbox, and producing things is very very very unprofitable! The only plus base is getting blue units.
The construction of the base will take 4-5 months. Epic / legend card production 100% gives an epic card.
Never, hear, never activated this function, you will notice your progress 2-10 times (depending on the ability to add a mix box).


on Jan 31 the feature will go live and then you can make a new account to test it


I don’t think I can do this. I need silver boxes. It’s the way I upgrading… Maybe I’ll try it on another account…


I will probably enable base building. Want to try something new :slight_smile:


Unfortunatly I’m not a fan of making new accs.
Is there any option to test?