Include Heat Drain

Include Heat drain too. it will help new pilots to understand item better.

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TS needs to include ALL extra damage done by ALL weapons. They finally fixed the hit range stats of all weapons so they are accurate but never added the extra damages STATs.
Electric Drain
Heat Drain
Regeneration Damage


Yes. This is extremely frustrating, especially now that the wiki is useless because of all the updates.

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Heat drain huh? From my understanding though even limits can’t be put on heat shutdown but now we have heat drain? I actually say how about limit on heat itself. That way it’s not over exploited thus in turn allowing for a more balanced battle.

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And I actually say, why don’t you limit yourself to READING the forum, instead of spamming EACH AND EVERY thread with this sick idea of LIMITING THE HEAT/SHUTDOWN/COOLDOWN or whatever… Listen to my advice:


you should listen to this guy he is a very important contributor to the forums and he knows his stuff

Spamming? I’m actually making a discussion relative to topic. But if this is going to be an issue for you Mordulec? Okay maybe someone needs to be reported.