In order to balance the game, allow all HP plates to be updated to mythical

  • I don´t agree, the game is balanced.
  • Yes. I agree.

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but i am still not sure because they have the platnum plate all ready

Obvious solution, but Moneygrab is bae

I dont agree, but not because i think its balanced like this. Point is people paid for these (sometimes a lot). What if now it fall from the trees? Thatd be a scandal. It would have been made at the very begining of reload, then ok. But now people got too much in the hole for the sake of having them.


Game is broken with current policy of l-m items and the worst part is modules, its just unfair to have such advantage among all players

That is … you pay to win. What is the merit in that? A big wallet?

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just a quick quibble here first: your poll is biased, you attatched an opinion to the no vote that isnt necessarily held by all no voters. I hate it when people do that.

why I vote no:

it’s not new for supermechs to have premium versions of HP plates. they had three seperate tiers of mythical (premium) HP plating in the last version and 2 tiers of mythical multi-resistence modules. I favour the idea of allowing free versions of these modules to go to max legendary. that would be an acceptably wide gap. therefore, my position is not “no, the game is balanced” my position is “No, you’ve gone too far.”

keep in mind that this is not a practical or productive suggestions as you could get thousands of yes votes and the tacticsoft team would never consider it as it would mean their bankrupcy. compromise is key.


Everybody got [email protected]@[email protected] yes. We passed it. Big point is it hasnt been requested (or at least not in this form) by the community.

Perhaps just change the stats on the plate. You could lower HP, raise weight or both. With a more reasonable weight, you could make using more than one force people to sacrifice heat, energy or whatever.

…didn’t mean that to be purely a reply to your post, misfit.

I dont think its fair to do that at this point as many players have made pucrchases of tokens and boxes with that HP plate at its current stats as their main incesntive. much fairer just to boost the free versions.

with the exception of spartan carnage, which was a mistake, weight doesn’t and, in my opinion, shouldn’t change in transitions.

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The game is obviously a pay to win, not a big secret. Whats your actual point by saying “to pay to win a p2w game, where is the merit”. Water is wet

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It is very likely that they never consider it.

But what is this? A game or a store? Everyone must have the same opportunities in a game. In a store you pay more and buy the best pair of shoes.

Winning because you have paid a lot does not prove anything at all.

Amen that there are some who have paid a lot, but have only obtained 1 or none. But that is another story.


Thanks mate, that post is more productive than the pole itself.


They’ve nerfed things in the past, so no biggie. Having spent money and gotten a plate versus having spent the same or more money and not gotten a plate…money spent can’t be a criterion for fairness.

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I think you have a very warped perception of how the “free to play” model operates. yes, everyone can play every componenet of the game for free, build mechs and throw them into campaign and arena. but, no, that doesnt mean free players get all the same “opportunities”. this is not a communist country, my dear, money gets you things. paying money always has and always should have advantages in this game or this game will cease to exist.

whining because other people paid a lot doesn’t prove anything at all.

see how we can both do that thing where we reduce opponents arguments to “whining” to make them seem insignificant. maybe we should just avoid it as unproductive filler in the realm of debate.

there are some with as many as 8-10 of them, such as LOTW or rising’s account. I myself think drops of these premium items should be increased, I even put forward an idea of a more expensive box with a confirmed legendary chance. however, I do not, and never will, support completely undermining the concept of a premium HP plate. have you heard of horseshoe theory?


This thread is officially became F2P vs P2W

Its interesting that the issue is with this singular item. The other game-changing item/s are protectors. With those, however and obviously, there are limitations on how they’re used. If this weren’t the case and somebody rolled in with 4 of those equipped, plat plates would be worthless. In that line of thought, perhaps
some type of outright limits on what you can equip could improve things without totally devaluing the plat.

Yes we have a p2w game, @Misfit sumarized it quite well.
Yes the ones who pay more get better items.
Complaining about that ok. It wouldnt be the case, should we complain about the guys playing 12hours a day: “its unfair, i cant play this much, they farm more and so have better/more upgraded items”


This is just not right.

Money should boost your in-game progress
But not skyrocketing you to unreachable heights of “unobtanium items”

I think i was in top 5 if not top 3 spenders of the game… and got no myth plate…Only in reloaded 2200$ spent and got shit.
If they will add the option of 1 mythplate for 150-200$, i would return… but gambleing 2200 and getting shit… not even bothering of thinking about coming back.
And the fact still remains, those that have them, will always win… with or without Arena bonus points.
They are the game changers items.
Unfair, unbalanced, whatever.