In moments like these

Do I Need To Explain This?
33 AM

Just… Arghhhhhh!!!


Not a good weapon By the way, you’ll maybe regret it later. Just don’t myth it. Wait for something better. Not used in top ranks at all.

are you like annoyed about the cost?

Look At The Power. (Post must be 20 crachters.)

I won’t myth it. I have Corrupt Light. I’m doing it for the damage.

it does more secure damage than corrupt light, that’s like the only other difference besides being able to shoot from far

What do you mean by “secure damage?”

like it has a higher start up damage, but the higher damage is lower (for ex: let’s say that the start up is 100 while the higher damage is 200, it’d look like 100-200)

oh ok. (Post must be at least 20 characthers.)

yeah, but to be honest i use it just so i can combo my CL with it, plus it shoots further (and i like heating more than damage)

Savagery is a decent weapon. If you have some prem push items, it works just fine.

true, my favorite premium to use is abomination

That’s a good one. Which I also do not have. I tell ya what though, Reckoning and Magma Blast are also pretty vicious. When you include my Murmur drone, I can do up to 900 hp damage in a single turn… plus 180 (or more) heat damage, 23 resist drain, 30 heat drain, 24 cooling drain… yeah :smile:

Let’s just say physicals tend to hate me.

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wow, i wish i had magma blast, that’d be op for me

I’d use two if I could! It’s my fav weapon.

i’d use 3
just to make sure lol

Bruh savagery is a great weapon wtf you talkin bout

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Savagery is basically CL.
It’s a good weapon.
1 CL > 1 S, but
1 CL and 1 S > 2 CL