In game trading system


There should be a trading system added to the game so that people can trade unwanted items for others.


Here we go again with this idea.

Please search up “trading” on these very forums and see why it WILL NEVER be added.

People will abuse it by making throw away alts and trading weapons over. So please, stop while you’re ahead.





Cause some people would create several accounts and then “trade” all items from there to their real account for free.
So basically they would be using the trading feature to cheat.
Therefore trading MUST NEVER be added.

There are already enough cheaters and ways to cheat and exploit.
No need to inspire even more people and create even more ways to do so.


Nope.we already made a thread about this a while ago.spread the word to other new members.



No use.
They will just ignore it and create a thread again anyway.
Just like the starter of this thread.




Can somebody list all the topics about trading please
there are probably over a dozen of them


God damn it,people!




Hey some of my topics that appeared in there have nothing to do with trading…


I just took ss’s of all the threads about trading and the ones that contained that keyword.
Even so,there’s a LOT.


You violated me and Im not tolerating it.
Elcent, ban this man.


Stop filling out this thread with spam.
Elcent,ban this individual again!


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My thread wasnt related to trading ! :x