In-Clan Donation


One of the biggest issue with clans that I have observed is that they seem to be generally useless. Unless you are part of the top 3 (or top 6) competitive clans, the chances for rewards are low.

Sure, having a nice clan name and a cool emblem is nice. Having clan members to talk to and test mech builds with are both nice. Yet these can also be done outside of the clan…

So how about a clan feature that would help lower ranking players?

How about “Donating” items (non mythical - hell even regular items only if that is the best) for fusion use.

I believe that this would promote growth within clans, and would be an incentive to pull new players under a veteran’s wing.

What would be the benefit of the one giving items, though? I really don’t know. A nifty achievement after a lot of donations? This can be up for discussion.

This may not be “trading” by definition, but it can be used as trading. A sort of “send me fusion, I will give you on in exchange”. But what would be the point of sending a 150 power item in exchange for another 150 power item? Unless… you are hoping to get one of those ultra rare Normal Items that rarely drops now… say a Bully so you can complete that push mech you were building but have not gotten any drops lately. (this would be obsolete if the Shop would be returned)

So how does this work?

  • A member must Request for Help. (“Need Help for an Upgrade”)
  • there is a limit to how much total power of items he can receive (say only 500 ? )
  • there is a daily limit to how many times a member can request for Upgrade Help (daily/hourly/ i don’t know)
  • anyone in the clan can pitch in.

Anyway, any thoughts or comments on this (whether it is even possible) would be helpful.

Have a nice day.[poll]

  • Yes. Donation is good.
  • No. Useless and not a good idea.
  • No. Still Trading. Trading is bad.


Cool but it would be still exploited by some dedicated players though it won’t be that bad I guess


You gave me an idea too …
You can trade large numbers of items up to a certain amount to get a random mythical … of course this amount of power must be very high since they are 24 members per clan.


I have a Idea… Every week all player who have 100 wins have 1 mythicals is that good :slight_smile: or not good:(


Since battle credits are removed then it can be exploited by some overhyped players


Bad idea, 100 wins is very little …
Would you agree to make 2,000 to get 1 mythical random and 4,000 to get a mythical with probability that it is not in inventory … Each member claims the mythical.
Of this way the players will connect much more and will have more objectives for which to continue playing in sm


Yeah this Can be Great!!!


And After they will have more people actif in the clan and will do alot of work!!


I will Make a new post on this to see what others think


guy like me
if you do this everyone will be happy


im agree with exchange
so i dont see a problem here but i found it more complex than just exchange